As brand that focuses on the best nature has to offer, Nature Republic develops formulas with high quality ingredients invites you to get back to nature. With a range of hair care, body care, cleansing products, makeup, tools, accessories, and men’s skin care, we're sure you're already excited to scroll down for more valuable insight on the brand. Go on!

Human Nature Skin Care Products

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In today’s world, a number of ingredients used in many skin care products and cosmetics are harmful to your skin, your health and not forgetting our Mother Nature too. At the same time, there are many products on the shelves that use the term “natural ingredients” in their products. But how sure you that in Malaysia all materials used is natural and not harmful to your skin or to your overall health and Mother Nature? It’s even more difficult to find out for most skin care products and cosmetics here don’t have the full chemical ingredients on their labels. Being a brand that center's around the well-being of the environment, Human Nature uses 100% natural ingredients for all their hair and skin care products unless stated otherwise. Everything that Human Nature does, all they want back is for their customers to enjoy the products knowing that only they get only genuinely natural goods that are best for you, your loved ones and the beloved planet.

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When your life is just as busy as a bee, you obviously don’t have the extra time where you can fit in shopping into your schedule. Thought it might be fun for some, others really find it really tedious as you are most probably going to get stuck in the jam packed city life or the crowded mall looking for a parking, or waiting in queue for cashier. Imagine skipping all that and shop at the comfort of your own house while sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee. This is achievable via shopping online and checking out the latest Human Nature promotions online at

Human Nature Malaysia Prices

A there are many different Human Nature products, it only makes sense that the prices differ as well. Each item is priced according to the different natural ingredients that were used in the process of making the product, and the quality of these materials. Starting from ₱50.00 onwards, you are not only purchasing a Human Nature that works amazingly, but you are also contributing to the wellness of our Mother Earth.

About Human Nature

This Philippine brand was founded by Anna, her husband and her sister, Camille who had a burning desire for the environment and wanted to help uplift the Malaysia and the Filipino people form poverty. When Human Nature was finally made in 2008, it was based on 3 core principles, to be Pro- Malaysia, Pro- Poor and Pro- Environment.

Malaysia being their home, they wanted to support it by investing in that country made products that could create world-class goods. They also teamed up with the Gawad Kalinga and other organizations to develop world-class organic farms that can help lift the people out of poverty. Finally not forgetting the environment, all their business decisions are carefully deliberated so that none of their decision can harm the environment or the animals which is recognized by PETA. Human Nature is truly an all-rounder brand that is beneficial to the whole of Malaysia.