Celebrate your man today with Hugo Boss, the German fashion and lifestyle brand that is known for fashion-forward European styles. Hugo Boss is famous for its versatile, timeless and precise tailoring of suits for men. Besides its famous suit making, Hugo Boss offers multiple lines of fashions and accessories under the core brands Hugo and Boss. Read more about Hugo Boss in Malaysia here below to find out.


Essential Guide to Hugo Boss Suits

A significant part of what makes a suit look good on a man is the construction and appearance of the suit jacket. Hugo jackets and suits are renowned for their sharp and sophisticated look. Furthermore, they havethat put togetherlook becausethey fit nicely. However, a lotof people still wearstheirsuits poorly. Thankfully, this is a simple guide that tells you how to get the most of your suit. Hereis what you should know before getting your first Hugo Boss suit. With the right guide, you can dress impeccably for every situation.

Shape/Cut of Suits

The shape or cut of a suit jacket will set the tone of your appearance as it projects your silhouette. Whenyoufirstheard aboutsuit'ssilhouette, it sounds weird immediately. Onceyou have foundthe right suit'ssilhouette, you will get theright style and emotion. In other words, asuit's silhouette helps in creating your own persona. The silhouette you projectwill send messages toothers without speaking.Inthe world of suit jackets, there are three basicsilhouetteyou should know: Structured, Sack, and Fitted.

Structured Silhouette

Since the structured silhouette is highly influenced by military uniform, it is unsurprising that it is the most formalsilhouettefor a suitjacket. With padded shoulders and trim waist, they give the wearer an almost hour glass appearance.

Sack Silhouette

This particular silhouette is a shapeless jacket with narrow shoulders. When you wear this suit jacket, you will feel that the jacket hangs on the body. As such, it presents a classic shape for anyone wanting to blend into the crowd. Sack silhouette is popular because it can hide the shape of the wearer.

Fitted Silhouette

As the name suggests, fitted silhouette presents a tailored fit. It suits men who are in shape. Thanks to both high armholes and minimal padding, they enhance the posture of fitted silhouette.

Lapel Types

Nothing does more to dictate a suit's character than the lapel.The conventional wisdom states that lapels should always be a reflection of the suit jacket's proportion. If your body is well-proportioned, a wide lapel on a suit jacket will suit you. On the other hand, using the same lapel on a smaller person will have the effect of shortening his frame. In terms of measurement,lapel should extend to just about the mid-point between the collar and the shoulders.

Basically, there are three different types of lapels: Notch, Peak, and Shawl.

Notch Lapel

As the most common type of lapel, notch lapel is easily the standard go-to lapel for your regular suit jacket.Notch lapel has been regarded as the most versatile of all lapel types.It is the middle ground between casual and formal. Needless to say, notch lapel is suitable for nearly any occasion and situation. It is also a safe bet when you do not know what to wear. If you just want a conservative look, notch lapel is suitable for you.

Peak Lapel

Usually found on double-breasted suit jackets, peak lapel(also knownas "pointed lapel")looks more formal because it possesses strong edges pointed towards the shoulders. Peak lapel also projects sharp and powerful look that draws attention.Due to its origin with the more formal-end of men's tailoring, it becomes a key part of tuxedos andblack tiejackets. Making big and bold statement, peak lapel catersfor people who prefer more formal ensemble or statement piece; it is definitely not made for casual setting.

Shawl Lapel

Defined by a rounded edge, shawl lapelis a common sight on dinner jackets or tuxedos. It has a continuous curve without breaks or points such as notch lapel or peak lapel. Shawl lapel is well-suited to be worn onred carpet galas, black tie events,and weddings. Despite being associated with tuxedos, most fashion enthusiasts argue thatshawl lapel can be more of an informal variation of evening wear.

Single orDouble-BreastedSuit Jacket

As the more classic of the two, single suit jackethas two halves that button together at the front.While the number of buttons on a single breast jacket varies between one tofour, standardsingle breast jacket styles usually have two or three buttons with a notch lapel.

The strikingly sophisticated double-breasted suit jacket certainly looks more formal than single suit jacket. Double-breasted suit jacket feature four, six or eight buttons on the front with six as a standard. Befitting its formal nature, double-breasted suit jacket sports peak lapel that accentuates the shoulders. Generally, adouble-breastedjacket has extra fabric that folds over from left to right.

Buttons of Suit Jacket

According to suit experts, thepreferred choice is two buttons on a suit jacket for most men. The one-button single-breasted suit jacket is usually found on a tuxedo and it is suitable for lean men who attend black tie events. Since it is not versatile, thisrigid and formal style is unsuitable for informal events. As for two-button single-breasted suit jacket, it is one of the most classic looks in men’s fashion. It looks great on all body types. Suitable for both social and formal events, itpossesses the cut that elongates every man's frame. Three-button single-breasted suit jacket has been said to suit taller men due to arrangement of the buttons. If you enjoy wearing waistcoat, three-button single-breasted suit jacketwill suit you.