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HUF T-shirts RM 137.56 YOOX
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HUF T-shirts RM 137.56 YOOX
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HUF Shirts in Malaysia: For the Urbanites

Established in August 2002, the original HUF store opened in San Francisco offering the best apparel and footwear for the skateboarding scene. At the start of the business, the area of the store was very small and even the owner skateboard pro Keith Hufnagel had no idea that his business would become so well received in an eccentric block of downtown San Francisco. Since the opening HUF, the store had to move into a larger location every year. This came as a benefit to owner Keith Hufnagel as it opened up the opportunity for him to introduce more products dedicated to the city he grew up in. Keith has his very own view on things and has the ability to easily process cultural aspects that surround him as seen through the designs of his apparel, such as HUF shirts in Malaysia.

Patterned galore with HUF Shirts in Malaysia

The brand has always targeted their clothing to the young, trendy crowd and the HUF shirts in Malaysia are no exception. Designed with a combination of quirky and classic prints, the shirts are the epitome of street style which will be loved by many urbanites. A classic design that HUF Shirts in Malaysia has utilized is the classic plaid flannel look. Like it or not, this pattern is one of the most ubiquitous patterns in modern fashion. Another distinctive design on HUF shirts in Malaysia is the paisley pattern which is traditionally used on bandanas. Known to be a favourite among rockers, this pattern is one of the oldest designs in fashion and will never go out of style. Moreover, tropical motifs have always been observed in many of the HUF Shirts in Malaysia. For a more summer look, the shirts are printed with designs such as pineapples and coconut leaves. Aside from that, the brand also has military-inspired motifs. The camouflage trend which has seen a resurgence in 2016 is gaining much attention in the fashion world especially among celebrities and high-end designers.

Freedom of expression through your style

The way you dress works as a medium to express a personal standpoint whether it is politically or religiously motivated. No matter what our social status in society is, many of us do want to get noticed and also have the freedom to express how we feel on the inside through what we wear on the outside. Whether you like your shirts to be long or short-sleeved, with pockets or without pockets, HUF Shirts in Malaysia has the styles that suit your need. Look like a walking piece of art when you put on HUF Shirts in Malaysia. Pair it with other HUF apparel such as their hats, jackets, pants or hoodies and sweatshirts.