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HUF Clothing Malaysia - Epitome of street style

Founded in 2002, Keith Hufnagel turned his passion for skateboarding into his own line of clothing brand. Hufnagel saw a window of opportunity to give back to the community that he grew up in and opened a small boutique on an offbeat block of San Francisco’s Tenderloin District. Being the first of its kind, the company’s aim is to bring the most respected brands that the skateboard, street-wear, and sneaker communities had to offer under one roof. The shop has soon risen to become Bay Area’s most recognized supplier of hard-to-come-by goods.

Skateboarding as a way of life

Over the course of 17 years, much has been changed of the brand. However, the energy that drove the company since day one was and still is Hufnagel’s core belief of seeing skateboarding as a way of life and not just a ‘hobby’ or a ‘sport’, but a lifestyle. This lifestyle has brought together various similar countercultures such as artists, musicians, photographers, to creative like-minded individuals. Utilizing skateboarding as an extension towards those values, HUF attempts to express those standards through the concentrated collection of its apparel.

HUF Clothing : Made for skateboarders

When it comes to doing the perfect Ollie on your skateboard, what better way to do it with HUF Clothing in Malaysia. HUF Clothing in Malaysia are creatively designed with artistic elements that make you look stylish even when you are perfecting moves on your skateboard. The brand focuses on bringing quality goods that incorporate the past and present to create the future. Their range of apparel integrates material and construction inspired by garments that have endured the test of time, resulting in a product sufficiently suited to handle the abuses sustained by skateboarding.

Skate off with HUF Clothing in Malaysia

HUF Clothing in Malaysia is often accompanied by casual graphics and slogans, offering a unique range that reflects style while simultaneously incorporating that certain casualness that so commonly is associated with skateboarders and artists alike. Categories of available HUF Clothing include:


Collaborating with popular American comic strip, Peanuts, HUF clothing is bringing back memories of Charlie Brown and the gang through its T-shirt designs.


To simply put HUF clothing’s line of hats, it would be minimalistic. From panel caps to snapbacks, the ‘H’ symbol is sewn neatly in the middle the caps to signify the brand.


Based on classic American craftsmanship and timeless vintage design such as the lumberjack look, HUF clothing’s line of shirts relies heavily on patterned designs.

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