Huawei is not only popular for its smartphones but also for its watches. If you want your Huawei watch to sport a new look by changing its band, keep in mind the following points here.


Tips for Choosing the Right Band for Your Huawei Watch in Malaysia

If your Huawei analog wristwatch is already old or worn out, worry not because you can breathe new life into it by changing its band or strap. Watchbands provide a new look and style for your watch. they come in various types, so make sure you need to know what’s the best option before purchasing one.

Measure the width of the arms to find the right fit

On the top and bottom of watches, you can see an arm where a watchband fits. If you buy a watchband with a larger width compared to the watch’s arm, then it cannot be fastened to the watch. The same goes if you buy a watchband with a narrow width: it can fit but may not be securely fastened. For this reason, you need to measure the width of the watchband in order to get the right fit.

Look for bands with a slightly longer measurement than your wrist

Although watch straps are adjustable, they come in different lengths. Make sure you measure your wrist before you buy one because going for a shorter band can make you feel uncomfortable as it is very tight. It’s best to get a watchband with a slightly longer measurement than your wrist to make you feel at ease.

Choose the right type of watchband

Selecting the right type of band can make a huge impact on its appearance as well as its comfortability and feel. Know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of watchband.

Leather watchbands

Leather watchbands go well with Huawei watches since they provide a refined, classic look. They are very comfortable to wear as they are soft and flexible. These bands often come with a buckle which is adjustable. Meanwhile, there’s also faux leather watchbands that offer a polished style to the wearer. They come in different colors and patterns, making them the ideal choice for fashion savvy people. However, they wear out much quicker compared to leather watchbands.

Nylon webbing

Nylon webbing watchbands are just as soft and flexible as leather and faux leather. These watchbands come with a sporty style, making them the perfect choice for active people. Since they are made of nylon, they will wear out easily. But today, some variants come with a protective plastic closure that complements its sporty appearance. So, if you want to get this watchband for your Huawei watch, look for one that has a protective plastic covering.

Metal band

This is one of most common variants of bands. It is made from links that are fastened together by tiny pins. the most common material used for this band is gold since it doesn’t tarnish. Although this is quite expensive, it can go well with your high-end Huawei watch. If you only have a limited budget, you can go with stainless steel band. This does not rust and has an elegant, sleek look that matches with your watch.

Ceramic band

Ceramic bands are not only durable but also they are stain and scratch-resistant. People often mistake these as metal bands due to their similar appearance but they are lighter. Ceramic bands come in basic colors like white or black, perfect for fashionable people. So, if you want your watch to sport an elegant, unique look, then this is a great option for you.