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Best Huawei Honor Phones & Tablets Accessories Prices in Malaysia September 2018

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Huawei HONOR 6 / HONOR 4X Original Quality Battery
RM 42.00

High Quality Battery same as Original *We selling the true quality Battery,not like some selling using AA/cheap battery sell as original * Most of our product are ready stock, you also be advise to contact us for stock availability before you proceed your purchase 30 days warranty all product will be tested before shipped out [Contact Us] * Whatsapp : 0111-2229921 * Location : Waze Brophone Equipments PLT [Return & Exchange Policy] * Please contact Broshop before you pos any product for warranty claim. Please be informed product that posted back to Broshop if you do not contact us before you make a postage, we apologize here because the warranty claim will not be entertained. * For warranty claims, please ensure that our warranty sticker is still in good condition, the warranty will be canceled once the warranty sticker has been removed, torn or lost. * For LCD and Touchscreen Board, Please make sure the plastic protector located at the front and back and warranty sticker are still in good condition. * Please be advised that please test the LCD and Touchscreen Board before you remove the warranty sticker, Plastic protector and fix it completely to the phone. If the LCD or Touchscreen Board is found(warranty sticker, front & back sticker protector has been found opened, founded glue/gum effect or 3m tape, or damage during your own installation), and also when you are confirm that the sparepart(which you buy) and installation has been made completely. the warranty will be automatically void. * For other spareparts, please check whether the spareparts are working or not within 48 hours of getting your item from courrier company, if you found a problem, please contact us within 48 hours. * Please be inform that there are some spareparts such as IC, mic, speakers and others that require soldering or blowing job, the warranty will be void if you already use it. * Please be inform that the product sent for warranty claim are not allowed to make a exchange to another product or refund, we only allow to claim on the same product. [Friendly Reminder] Improper installation may cause damage to your device, we will not responsible for any loss or damage occurred to your device as a result of poor or improper installtion of replacement parts.

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Huawei Honor 7 / 7i / 4A / 4C Steel War God Metal Sturdy Shockproof Hard Case
RM 55.50 RM 85.40

Product description: 100% [Zimon] brand new! Original Product! Authorized! The body of steel + God of War, pioneering the perfect combination of medieval Gothic style, heavy metal rock, punk style, and modern pop art for the first time in the mobile phone case, blending Transformers Raytheon Flash Iron Man and many other classic styles. Like all abstract art, our designs capture the balance between figuration and imagining. Complex components assemble simple and unconventional artwork. A number of innovative technologies are the first exclusive, industrial design and manufacturing processes. At the extreme, we do our best in terms of function, appearance and touch. American-class aluminum alloy 6061 Aluminum is used to manufacture CNC parts (Computer Numerical Control) technology for aircraft parts to ensure the quality of the products. Special stainless steel screws are specially selected to make the whole protective shell extremely hard and very lightweight. The addition of Aerospace Polymer helps maintain signal reception intensity, practicality and viewing. Features: + Polymer RF back frame, signal strength is not weakened + laser engraved LOGO + Unique body combination connection structure + Modular framework for future upgrades + Reserve earphone hole position, sound hole position, and charging position, all functions are easy to control! + stainless steel screw fasteners IRON BODY Minimum density and top aviation aluminum ,hardness and strongestas rock , light as feather WARRIOR SOUL Resolute callous appearance imaging Abstract incarnation of heroic tenacity and warrior chivalrous CLASSIC MODEL DESIGN REFER to > > > > ECT. APPEARENCE ELEMENT PINNACLE DESIGN numerous straws and Numerous cast changing finally achieve impeccable artwork RIGID & NEAT perfect body curve , metal skeleton body, chamfer clear chestnut laser cutting COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION 360 degree protection , anti-scratch and anti-impact original authentic CHECKOUT THE anti-counterfeit label ※ To ensure the quality, our every sold product ships after testing, please feel at ease to order. 📢 Any questions, welcome to use chat #cool #fashion #aluminum #metal #case #lightweight #readystock #instock #available #hardcase #PCcase

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Huawei Honor Note 10 Armor Hard PC + TPU Full Protection Phone Case
RM 14.90 RM 22.90

Features: - Product indicators: the use of PC + TPU made of advanced technology materials 1, the use of high-quality imported PC material made by precision machining, non-toxic no side effects, can be a good protection of mobile phones do not damage professional phone models produced by the personal protection; 2, each phone sets for the real machine tailor-made, fit the fuselage; 3, fine hole design, retain all the key position; 4, can be easily removed, dirty Stent small and practical, in reading and playing games to give you a new feeling; 5, effective shock and shock impact, the edge of non-slip design, to prevent love machine slip; 6, the color fashion pull the wind, style high-end air on the grade, quality and safety and health protection; Dear customers. The following are some of the information you need to understand. Please read it carefully and thank you for your understanding. - Our working hours are from 9am to 12pm. (China time) - We will reply you during office hours. If you have any questions about your order. please feel free to contact us. Our customer service team is here to help! We will ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied! - Notice that we started sending parcels from China. The general logistics time is 7-14 days. But arriving may be faster. (Unable to accept this delivery time. Please do not purchase) Finally.hope you have a pleasant shopping! If you are satisfied with our products and services, please give us your five stars and photos. Thank you for your support so that we can provide you with better products and services.

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