HP is a renowned computing brand that offers a wide array of laptops. One of their best lines of laptop is the Pavillion range that is designed for both professionals and home users. If your laptop always runs out of battery, here are some things to keep in mind. You can also check out the latest HP Pavillion products below.


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Tips on How to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life with HP Pavillion

It’s a terrible experience when you can’t find any available outlet to charge your nearly dead laptop, especially when you're in a meeting, or on the road, or in a classroom. You still have stuff to get done and your battery is already dwindling. But worry not because there are some things you can do to extend more time on that almost-dead battery so you can meet a deadline or respond to an important email before it's too late. Here are some techniques to stretch your laptop’s battery life.

Activate Your Laptop's Battery Saver or Eco Mode

Battery Saver mode in HP Pavillion laptops are designed with those circumstances in which your laptop battery is running out of juice. It will provide a number of automatic changes to lengthen usable battery life. At the same time, it will adjust your laptop's settings and shift components into low-power states to help you ration your remaining juice a bit longer.

Once you've turned on the automatic battery-saver tool, there are still plenty of steps to take to offer even better efficiency. By shutting down unnecessary devices, tuning the settings to lower power consumption, and turning off unwanted apps and processes.

Disable Unused Devices and Ports

The easiest way to reduce power consumption is to simply turn unused devices and ports off. Every circuitry in your laptop requires power to operate, but that doesn't mean you need to activate them all the time. Start by disconnecting any unneeded peripherals (like a USB mouse or external drive) and turning off the biggest power hogs, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios, graphics processors, and unused optical drives.

Adjust Your Settings

While you’ll need to use the display and the keyboard, you can adjust the settings for each to reduce power consumption. In HP Pavillion laptops, there’s one often overlooked power drain feature which is the keyboard backlighting. This is a great feature if you’re using your laptop in the dark since you need the backlight to type.

The next feature you have to reduce power is your screen. While it’s obviously needed so you can use your laptop, you don't necessarily have to maximize its brightness and resolution. HP Pavillion laptops in Malaysia have hotkeys for increasing and decreasing the screen brightness. If your laptop doesn’t have one, then it can be adjusted in the control panel. Lowering the display brightness to 50 percent can add a significant amount of time to your laptop’s battery life.

Turn Off Apps and Processes

It's not just the hardware that's stealing your battery juice. Multiple apps and processes running on your system will also consume through battery life more quickly. As with the hardware, start by turning off anything that isn't being used.

In HP Pavillion laptops, start by taking a look in your system tray, the collection of icons in the lower-right corner of the desktop, next to the clock. On the left end of the System Tray, select the icon to display hidden icons. Take note of which apps are running in the background. From there, you can disable programs that you don’t need.