Although the powerful HP printers can deliver amazing output with consistent print quality, you definitely require the help from its original HP ink cartridges to achieve better results. Not just that, you can even save more money with them. Read more about HP ink cartridge in Malaysia here below to find out.


Top HP Ink Cartridges Price List 2020

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HP LaserJet P1102 RM 495.00 Shopee
HP 678 RM 34.00 LazMall by Lazada
HP 61 RM 76.70 LazMall by Lazada
HP 85A RM 125.61 Lazada
HP 21 RM 38.65 Shopee
HP 46 RM 35.90 PGMall
HP 65 RM 49.00 Shopee
HP 83A RM 124.72 Lazada
HP 79A RM 84.00 Youbeli
HP 60 RM 78.40 Atoz
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HP LaserJet P1102

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How to save costs with HP Ink Cartridge

A lot of people does not expect printer can cost so much in the long run. Whether it is replacing your faulty printer or ink cartridges, every decision is a costly affair. As for HP ink cartridge, it is designed exclusively to help you to meet your budget needs. In order to achieve the best result, the HP printers need the help from the original HP ink cartridges. Here are some of the well-known tips youcan save your costs.

Check Your Printer's Software or Driver Settings

As most printers come with a user-friendly software interface, you should be able to access and tweak many of the printer's function. Regarding the printer driver, you can find it in every printer because it is a program which controls the printer, converts files and commands into a formatthe printercan recognize. In most cases, the printer driver is the only way to change the settings. When you compare printer software with printer driver, the printer driver offer a more direct way to affect the changes you need.

Despite the differences between the two, you can always search for ink-saver mode so that you can save more ink during printing. When it is possible, you should print in black and white instead of color. If your printer can do duplex printing, it is highly recommended to use it to save more paper and ink.

Third-Party Inks Cost More Money Than You Think

Although many third-party companies offer ink cartridges which claimed to be compatible with given printers, you actually encounter more problems when you are using them. Despite saving more money, these third-party ink cartridges will cause you issues in the long run. Among the common problems you encounter are degraded output quality, and the constant need to clean the nozzles.

In worst cases, the so-called compatible ink cartridges turn out not compatible at all because they can ruin your printer. If you really want to use third-party ink cartridges, you should do your own homework to search for any reviews about the company and its ink cartridges. Otherwise, it is highly recommended for you to use HP ink cartridges for HP printers because you can save more money and time at the same time.

Shop for a printer that offers low cost per page

It is normal to be tempted with printers that have lower price tag. However, most of them actually can surprise you with their costlier ink cartridges. Not just that, they tend to run out of ink unexpectedly. Moreover, ink costs tend to be inversely proportional to a printer's price. In other words, expensive printers do come with budget-friendly ink costs. Unsurprisingly, there is also considerable variation in running costs, especially for printers within a given price range.

If you research well, you will be able to find out which printer can save your money the most. This is where you should read more about the factsheets provided by the brand, manufacturer or even the printer reviews. Without a doubt, the HP printers are one of the finest designs you can find in the market because they offer the right balance of price, performance, power, and cost. If you combine the performance of HP printer with its original HP print cartridge, there is no doubt that you will spend less money and save more time in the long run.