Your laptop might be one of the most expensive gadgets you own, so proper protection should be given to ensure that it is kept in good condition. HP laptop bags are designed to provide a comprehensive protection for your laptops and all its complementary accessories while you are on the move. Read more about HP laptop bags below.


Types of HP Laptop Bags Available in Malaysia

Laptops are portable computers that we can carry with us wherever we go, making it one of the most useful gadgets we possess. However, if not taken properly, the cost incurred for repairing or replacing a laptop can be quite hefty. That is why a laptop bag is needed for us to bring our laptops around safely. Not all laptop bags are made equal. Having many years of expertise in producing top-quality laptops and netbooks, HP has the know-how to produce laptop bags that are able to provide wholesome protection to your laptop. HP laptop bags not only keeps your laptops safe, but they also make carrying the devices around more convenient and comfortable for you.

There are a few types of HP Malaysia laptop bags that you can choose from depending on your personal preference and usage. The options are briefly explained below:

Laptop Sleeve Bags

HP Malaysia’s laptop sleeve bags can be found in 15.6-inch, 14-inch and 12.5-inch sizes, which are the standard laptop sizes in the market, hence they fit your laptops perfectly. The sleeves are equipped with durable padded interiors that do not add unnecessary bulk or weight while protecting your laptop from shock, bumps, and scrapes. Furthermore, the HP sleeves have a sleek outlook, sporting a black case with gray plaid accents which gives off a polished and professional look. Hence, the sleeves can be used by professionals in and out of the office, from casual business meetings to multi-million dollar presentations. However, if you want to add some colour to match your #ootd, HP Malaysia also produces sleeves with three coloured linings to choose from – blue, green, and red.

Laptop Backpacks

Another option that is offered by HP Malaysia is in the form of backpacks. Laptop backpacks are commonly used by Malaysians, especially amongst youths and young adults. HP backpacks are not only spacious for you to comfortably house your laptop and other accessories but they come with safety features as well. HP Malaysia’s laptop bags come with RFID-shielded pockets, that hinder you from being a victim of electronic pick-pocketing – stealing your information without you noticing. Another security feature that is equipped with laptop bags from HP Malaysia is a lockable double-teeth zipper, which deters others from tampering and accessing your laptops and accessories while you are unaware.

An optional tracking device is also available for you to keep track of your items and belongings. The tracking device fits snugly into a discrete pocket and enables device tracking from your phone via Bluetooth connection so that you will not lose or misplace your bag anymore.

The backpacks also come with plenty of exterior pockets that provide extra space for you to place your items in, so that you can keep your hands free while moving about. The exterior pockets also give you easier access to commonly used items.