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Washing Accessories

Laundry is made fun with the right washing accessories. Make your weekly chores fun and productive with the best washing accessories in Malaysia or find out more about the 3 necessary laundry accessories one must have, below.

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Magic Green laundry ball (YYR356)
RM 28.00

Magic Green Laundry Ball (YYR356) Function = detergent + soft clothing + fungicide 1. Beyond the traditional chemical synthetic laundry detergent, the cleanliness of the clothing is 98%, and the laundry bleaching power is 97%; 2. Does not contain harmful chemical elements such as phosphorus and boron, does not damage human skin and clothing, and reduces water pollution; 3. There is no chemical composition, so the rinsing process can be omitted, saving water and electricity, saving time, and economic benefits; 4. It will not cause skin irritation like washing powder, and children will feel more comfortable. 5. Up to three years of cycle life, reducing the trouble of buying detergent; Instructions 1. When the laundry quantity reaches 8.5Kg or more, it is necessary to place 2-3 laundry balls in the washing machine (at the top of the laundry or in the middle of the laundry). The washing machine is filled with water. 2. Purpose - To make the activity of water more active, it is advisable to rest for 10 minutes after putting water and laundry balls in the laundry. 3. When handling heavily soiled clothing, wash it by weight and volume, and the amount of washing is 1/5 of the normal condition. 4. Please wash clothes separately for clothing with different colors. Suggestion: When using this product with a little detergent, the product's cleaning effect is better! Some of our ordinary things are often taken for granted because of our habits, and we haven’t thought about it before! Washing clothes is a trivial matter, so no one even discusses why washing clothes must use detergent. Is there any other choice, and is there a better and safer method? Everyone knows that water can be used to clean items. It is a universal cleaning volume. However, the water has a large molecule and strong surface tension. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve a clean effect on stubborn stains. In the 1950s, people discovered that chemical components could change water. Because of its molecular structure, the world’s first chemical laundry detergent was introduced at that time (it used the principle of reducing the surface tension of water to achieve a cleaning effect). For more than 50 years, people used chemical ingredients to clean clothes, It has caused serious pollution on the earth and caused a lot of skin allergies. This habit was finally broken by Korean scientists in the 21st century! maintenance Tips 1, washing machine for laundry. 2, the service life of about 3 years or more (use the benchmark once a day). Set efficient decontamination, stain removal, deodorization, bleaching, and suppleness, cleanliness leaves no dead ends. The colors are blue and white, random delivery. There is a grain of mineral particles inside the laundry ball and it cannot be shot. . . Shake to hear sound

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None Detergent Clean Laundry Ball
RM 49.90

MAKE IN KOREA Noted : For washing machine with capacity over 5kgs, use two(2) washing balls, put the washing ball together with laundry (clothes,etc) in the laundry vessel and fill it with water. WASHING PRINCIPLE : 1. The powerful far infra red rays from rays from the washing ball break water molecule's hydrogen combination into smaller cluster and activate the small water cluster. The increases its molecular motions, penetration factor and washing power of water. It also radiates negative ions to soften the surface and inter fabric adhesion so that the dirt can come off easily without any detergant. 2.Washing Ball keeps the pH spectrum at the level that ordinary chemical detergent has, and it helps to remove oil and dirt from clothing 3. Washing ball eliminates the chlorine in the water and softens the water surface tension and increases cleaning strength. FEATURES : 1. The Washing ball consists of many natural ceramics contained in a round ball, This make in Korea product was scientifically designed to clean clothes and laundry without any detergent. 2. From the test results by KATRI, a nationally authorized scientific testing organization in Korea, Washing ball was awarded an excellent record in areas of cleaning strength, decolorant strength and sterilizing power. 3. When compares with normal washing process, Washing Ball achieved results that are desirable, economical detergent conserving, water conserving, electrically efficient and time saving. 4. The washing Ball is a global invention which is protected by invention patent, and received design trademark. 5. Washing Ball is versatile scientific designed to serve as an excellent natural health, wellness and environmental protection product. HOW TO USE : 1. Put Washing Ball into laundry 2. Fill water into vessel 3. Leave them to soak for about an hour 4. Run Washing Machine, cleaning, rinse, dewatering/ 5. Take out the clothes and leave the ball in the vessel USAGE & PERIOD OF USE 1. Use in washing machine ( regular and drum washing machine) 2. can also be used in hand wash 3. Goods for three years. ( based upon once a day usage)

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3 Washing Accessories you Need

These days, doing the laundry is a necessary duty we all must do. Thanks to the advancements in technology, we won’t have to go down to the river to wash clothes. That said, it still requires significant effort to do laundry. To add on, we need to know the adequate procedures of how to effectively wash and dry our clothes. Let’s look at some of the vital tools you will need for effective laundry washing. These accessories can be found easily in Malaysia with the help of online shopping. Read more below.

Laundry detergent

Of course, the first thing you will need to do is wash your dirty clothes. To do that, you need washing soap, more accurately known as laundry detergent. Laundry detergent comes in a few categories:

  • Powder soap
  • Liquid soap
  • Bleach

The most commonly used among these three is the powdered soap. Thanks to its affordable price tag, powder soap comes in large quantities that last longer than liquid detergents. Powder soap is in a way, more powerful than liquid soap due to its concentration. Liquid soap is perfect for delicates and colours. Liquid detergents are typically more fragrant and easy on the fabrics. Bleach, on the other hand, is used to remove tough stains. Bleach can also remove colours, so be careful not to use them on colourful clothing.

Laundry separators

Once you’ve got your detergents ready, you need some gizmos to separate your laundry. Dump your laundry in the washing machine along with these bad boys and watch the magic work. Laundry balls are what we are talking about. Like little colourful, furry balls, these laundry separators keep your clothes from mixing. This, in turn, leads to less colour run and lint formation on your clothes. Tough in nature, laundry balls can be left in the washing machine for your next use. No worries!


If you don’t have a dryer, you will definitely need this next item – hanger. Hangers are probably some of the most efficient tools when doing laundry. Simple and easy to use, hanger simply do what their name says. There are a few types of hangers, such as:

  • Wire hangers
  • Wooden hangers
  • Door hangers
  • Suit hangers
  • Spin hangers
  • Line hangers

There may be more categories of hangers, but these are the most popular. Wire hangers are the easiest to hang individual clothing. Simply drape your shirts, t-shirts, skirts, or pants on these hangers and put them out in the sun to dry. within no time, you will find them warm and crisp in the afternoon heat. Wooden hangers are larger in width and can carry more weight. Use these for the indoor hanging of heavier clothes such as cargo pants and slacks.

As for door hangers, these keep your clothes high and dry in the bathroom or in wet areas. Generally hung on doors, these hangers require a bit of fixing before they are ready for use. Suit hangers are also necessary for one’s wardrobe. Made to resemble a person’s shoulders, suit hangers are wide and round to accommodate the shoulder area of the suit.

Now that you know more about the top 3 washing accessories you need, it’s time to shop for them. Check out the other products in the line-up above.