Like it or not, doing the laundry is part and parcel of our lifestyle. Thankfully, in Malaysia, the art of washing clothes is simplified with the use washing machines and washing detergents. Get some tips on how to wash clothes here.


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Do’s and Don’ts of washing your garments

You can tell a person by how well-kept their clothes are. For us who are particular about keeping our clothes in mint condition, doing the laundry is not simply a chore, it is an art. It is a meticulous process of choosing the right fabric detergent along with conditioners for your clothes (softeners), bleach and separators. So how does one take care of his/her clothes? What are the dos and don’ts of garment care that we need to practice to make our clothes last longer? Read more below to know some valuable tips.

Read the labels

Garment care for dummies Step 1: Read your labels. Yes! Do your research. This means finding out what type of fabric your clothes are made of. Washing methods differ based on fabrics, colour, weather, and types of soap.

On the back of every shirt, t-shirt, pants, or skirt there is a label denoting the size of the clothing. Look closer and you will see a sign that indicates the types of washing methods (machine wash or hand wash) along with the temperature required for each wash. Be sure to stick to the guidelines given to prolong the life of your clothing.

Keep them separated

All clothes were not created equal. Hence, there should be a segregation of certain types. Separate your clothes based on whites, colours, thickness, use, and fabric type. Generally, it is wise to separate the whites from the coloured clothing so that the white clothes are not affected by colour run.

New clothing should be given extra attention, and preferably washed by hand as some of their colours may come out. When washing new towels, it’s not surprising to get a heap of lint (fragments of the thread) coming out of it. Towel lint is a pain to remove from other clothing. But if you do find yourself pulling out lint, simply use a lint remover. Use washing accessories such as laundry balls to separate clothing when in the machine.

Know your laundry detergent

Laundry soap can come in 2 categories: liquid and powder. The common misconception is that powered laundry detergent is harsher than liquid detergent. This may not always be the case. Many powdered soap detergents can be quite corrosive, so use a pair of gloves when working with them. The same can be said about bleach.

Bleach (sometimes known as Clorox) is the most corrosive of the laundry detergent. It is so powerful that it is used to wash toilets, shoes, rags, and remove mould growth. Even so, bleach can be used on whites to remove stains. Simply pour a little bleach on the stain and throw the clothing into the machine wash.

To hang or not to hang?

Once you’ve washed your clothes, it’s time to dry them. Technically, there are two main ways to dry your clothes: hang or dryer. If you own a dryer, you can go ahead and put your clothing in. Some clothes may stretch excessively in a dryer, so be sure to read the labels.

If you intend to hang your clothes, you can choose to air-dry, sun-dry, or simply use a hairdryer to get the moisture out. If you desperately need the clothing to dry fast, use a hairdryer. If you want the clothes to wring out creases, you can air-dry them or better still, sun-dry them.