Ironing can be a chore and can be a hassle for individuals who have a busy schedule. Make ironing fun with the essential ironing accessories. Read more to know about the MUST HAVE ironing accessories you can get in Hong Kong.


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5 Ironing accessories you MUST HAVE today!

It takes skill and finesse to prepare and care for our laundry. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a professional haberdasher to take good care of your clothing. All you need is a bit of patience and the right accessories. Here in Malaysia, you can get all your ironing accessories online. Let’s look at some MUST HAVE ironing accessories you can get.

Ironing cover fasteners

An absolute essential when ironing, the ironing cover fastener is a simple contraption. What it does is nothing short of amazing. This nifty little gadget clamps your ironing blanket or covers down onto the ironing board. This, in turn, prevents the sheet from slipping and sliding while you carefully iron. Ironing blankets prevent the board from getting burnt while adding grip so the iron doesn’t slide off and burn you. So, ironing cover fasteners are, in essence, safety equipment.


Once you’ve ironed your clothes crisp and neat, you must hang them pronto! The longer you keep them on a surface, the quicker they will crease. As every fibre of thread wants to crinkle up due to moisture in the atmosphere, it is vital to let gravity do its work. Hanging your ironed clothes on hangers then is a perfect choice. Pulls the weight of the clothes downwards, stretching them naturally.

Laundry bag

Next on the list, laundry bags. We all have that tendency to get messy, throwing laundry all over the place. This is where laundry bags come in. when you get the tendency to chuck your clothing all across the room, grab a trusty laundry bag. These bad boys help conceal your dirty clothes in one neat pile, giving the illusion that you are an organized and clean person.

Another type of laundry bag you can look into is the laundry folding bag. This neat bag allows you to fold your ironed clothes and store them without wrinkling them further. What’s better, many of these folding bags have a rustic, minimalist look. So you can add them to your room as part of the décor.

Iron pad/board

The iron can be a dangerous machine. Thankfully, with the right storage method, you can avoid accidents. One sure way to avoid accidents is to store the iron on an ironing pad or ironing board. Typically, ironing boards are more convenient as there is a place to place your iron as well as a place to iron your clothing. When choosing an ironing board, be sure to get one that has a storage compartment that can fit your iron. As some irons are bigger than others, you may have to measure your iron beforehand.

Lint remover

The last essential ironing accessory you must have is a lint remover. Lint can be a pain in the butt. It gets everywhere, even on your favourite clothes. Get rid of these little nuisances with lint removers. Lint removers come in all shapes and sizes. Most come with a handle for easy use. Simply rub the adhesive side or semi-Velcro area onto your clothing and watch the lint disappear. It’s like magic.

Now that you’ve got your list of ironing accessories ready, go ahead and shop for them. These essentials make ironing a breeze.