Let’s get something straight; ironing is a necessary skill we all need to learn. Check out the best ironing products from the biggest brands in Malaysia or read more about how to wrinkle out creases with a few simple tips below.

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Panasonic NI-25A1

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5 Simple tips for Ironing Clothes

Are you burned out from all that ironing? It’s time to straighten out the facts about ironing. Ironing is easy! It is easy given we follow some simple tips on how to keep our clothes wrinkle-free. In fact, ironing can be an enjoyable task. In Malaysia, it’s common for us to simply send our clothes to the laundromat to get them washed, dried, and pressed. But it takes true skill to master the art of ironing clothes. Here are some simple tips you can follow to get premium wrinkle-free ironing.

Use a high-quality iron

What many people don’t know is that the iron makes a huge difference on the outcome of ironing. Using a high-quality iron makes light work of straightening creases and helps to preserve the longevity of your clothing. Generally, you could go for cordless irons so that the cords won’t end up wrinkling the clothes further. Some suggestions of quality irons you might want to look into are Philips.

Prep before ironing

The preparations done before ironing are as important as the act of ironing itself. One trick you might want to try is to hang out your clothing beforehand (if you have the time). This will reduce creases as gravity stretches the clothing downwards. Another tip would be to dampen your clothes and leaving them to sit for a while before going ahead and ironing them. The moisture in the fabric acts as a heat-dispersing agent to evenly distribute heat across the cloth.

You can also get a starch spray can to aid your ironing. Starch makes the cloth stiffer as heat rolls over it. This is perfect for formal attire such as shirts and pants where you need the stiff, perfect look all the time.

Maximize your iron’s functions

Now back to your iron. As you’ve chosen a high-quality iron, it’s important to know its functions. Irons nowadays come with a few standard functions, namely, heat settings, a mist setting, dampener, and heat on/off. Maximize your iron’s settings by choosing the right one for your clothing. How do you do that? Simply look at the tag on the inside of your clothing and there should be a label. The label will tell you what heat setting to put it on (iron symbol with dots). On the iron symbol, the number of dots tells you the heat settings to be used.

Iron on the right side and in the right direction

Many people don’t know this, but for perfect ironing, you will need to follow the right motion. It is important to move in a straight left-right or vice versa motion to get creases evenly. Going in a circular motion could end up stretching your clothes further. For stubborn areas such as cuffs or collars, iron the inside first to get a smooth look on the outside. Ironing on the right side could save you heaps of time and effort.

Hang your ironed clothes

Your post-ironing routine could make or break this vital activity. How you store your clothes could end up jeopardizing all your effort ironing them earlier. To avoid this, hang your clothes on hangers or on the appropriate hanging areas. You could even use racks for drying your clothes to hang your ironed clothing.

Go ahead and get those wrinkles straightened out!