Pails are some of the essential tools for housekeeping and cleaning but not all of us know what’s best in choosing a pail. Check out the best selection of pails in Malaysia. Here is a quick guide for choosing pails.


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Make the Most of Your Pails and Buckets with These 5 Rules

Cleaning is something we do every day in life. House chores require us to get wet and messy at times. Thankfully, we have some efficient and trusted housekeeping supplies to accompany us through this tough ordeal. One of the most important of the cleaning supplies in every Malaysian household is the pail or bucket. Pails are generally used to hold water or soapy water in most cases. Some pails come with extensions or fit-on gizmos that allow for easy cleaning depending on the task.

Here are some general rules you could use to efficiently use your pail.

Choose a size that fits your needs

Pails sizes vary depending on capacity. Some hold gallons of water, some hold litres. If you are a small sized person, you may want to get a smaller pail so mobility isn’t hindered. The water in smaller pails needs to be replaced more often than bigger pails. You could also opt for pail with wheels at the bottom, so you can roll it around with you.

Choose a pail with a handle

You know what sucks? Having to carry a pail full of water without a handle. Handles make light work of something heavy. Carrying by a handle also allows for reduced stress on your back and spine. This way, you won’t injure yourself while carrying a pail using a handle.

Choose one with a cover

If you’re going to keep the water stagnant, you might want to get a covered pail. This will help avoid unwanted debris, dirt and animals from falling into the pail. Covered pails can also be used as water reserves in case of a drought or water rationing. Pail covers also allow for dry storage of any other types of items. In more traditional areas, people tend to use giant pails to store rice. You could do that too.

Choose multiple colours

You may not think that colours matter. The truth is colours of our pails matter. Getting a variety of colourful pails adds to your colourful surroundings. A bright, playful environment makes housework and cleaning a joy to do. The most common colours for pails are red, blue, black, white, green and yellow. Get one of each to match the colour of your rooms.

Choose a good brand

Pails are generally made of plastic and plastic is often easily broken. This is why it is vital to choose a pail that is of good quality. Some of the well-known brands for pails in Malaysia include Toyogo, Igloo and Tesco. Now that you know more about pails and how to choose the best one, it’s time to shop for them online. Check out the selection above and make your chores a breeze. You could also get brushes, gloves and sponges to help with your cleaning.