Feel refreshed and uplifted by catching a whiff of rejuvenating fragrance surround you. An air freshener greatly helps to neutralise damp or smelly odours around your home, car or office. Check out the air fresheners in Malaysia below and read on to know more.

What's the best air freshener for my home? | What is the longest-lasting air freshener? | How long does spray air freshener last?


How to Choose the Best Air Freshener for your Home

When it comes to air freshener, there's no one size fits all. There are different types available include aerosol, plug-ins, solid, scented oils, and essential oils. With the array of air fresheners available in the market today, how do you choose the best one for you? There are a few things to consider to help you select the best choice:


Since the air fresheners are going to be filling up your home, it is important to know the ingredients inside them. If an air freshener lists "fragrance" as an ingredient, most likely it is made from synthetic fragrances. It can be harmful and might be linked to allergies or nervous system disorders. A good tip is to look out for organic ingredients or even homemade air freshener made with essential oils.

Scent Strength

Decide whether you prefer for strong scent or an unscented air freshener if you do not prefer strong fragrances. The unscented one usually works to remove odours without the need to replace them with a new scent. You can sniff the scent before making your mind in physical stores, but for online purchase, look for the customer reviews on how they described the scent.

Space Size

Determine where you want to place the air freshener. If you have large rooms, you will need to have a larger or stronger scent air freshener. Or you can buy multiple packs so you can place them in each room.

History of Air Fresheners

People in early times have attempted to mask odorous air with various items such as essential oils, incense and flowers. The first modern air freshener came out in 1948, which used military technology to release insecticides. Many companies began to tweaking the product by adding substances to destroy odours or neutralise them. Due to environmental concerns, manufactures started looking for alternatives to aerosols by the 1980s. For the last few decades, we can see the booming of air fresheners products, from potpourri to timed-release sprays.

What's the best air freshener for my home?

A nice scent can keep your home smelling fresh and pleasant all day as well as put you in a good mood. There are a variety of scents to choose from, from fruity scents to sweet-smelling floral scents. You can use different scents for different areas, such as citrus for the bathroom, rose or lavender for the bedroom. The best air fresheners for home in Malaysia mostly come in spray or gel type. Check out some of the best below:

What is the longest-lasting air freshener?

Determine which is the longest-lasting air freshener is actually depended on what odours you are trying to eliminate and in what environment. Freshening the odours inside a car is easier to do long-term compare to deodorizing a larger room.

Air ionizers that require a constant power source are said to be last the longest as they use ultrasonic sound waves to eliminate odour molecules in the air and provide you with clean and fresh air. Gel-based air freshener can last longer than candle-based because the fragrance gets released over time as the gel dries out and can be covered up when deodorization isn't needed.

Another great option for those who love the convenience of air freshener that works without intervention is an automatic spray. You can commonly spot them in public and office bathrooms in Malaysia. It can last longer as this simple machine works on a timer to emit fragrance, without a manual button required.

How long does spray air freshener last?

It lasts about 3-6 hours depending on how much you spray and how big the area you sprayed on. The scents or fragrances also depend on how the smell of the room was before but usually last for 2 hours. The plug-in air freshener will last longer because they are constantly distributing the scent with a power source.