Horlicks is an immensely popular beverage here in Malaysia. Founded in the early 20th century by James and William Horlick, it is a malted drink that can be enjoyed in multiple ways. Whether you drink it hot with your breakfast or iced as an afternoon refreshment, Horlick Malaysia will be enjoyable no matter what. Find out more about Horlicks Malaysia in the article below.


Horlicks Malaysia Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to drink Horlicks?

While Horlicks is known as a cereal drink and many would drink it in the morning, Horlicks makes a fine bedtime drink as well. This is because Horlicks contains a great amount of malt which promotes faster and better sleep.

How does Horlicks make your sleep?

A warm drink before bed is proven to lower the body temperature which can help make you fall asleep faster. Horlicks also contains multiple vitamins, folic acid, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron. When combined, these ingredients might be responsible for helping you achieve better sleep.

How many times should I drink Horlicks?

Like many other things in life, you should enjoy Horlicks in moderation. 1 to 2 times per day in the morning or at night is best. While Horlicks contains malt, vitamins, and supplements that can be good for your health, it also contains sugar that can lead to weight gain and diabetes.

Which Horlicks drink is best for adults?

Horlicks Lite would be the best option for adults who want to monitor their daily intake. Horlicks Lite is packed with protein and has no added sugar. Horlicks Lite is available in the flavours of Original Malt and Almond.

Is Horlicks good for your health?

Horlicks is packed with essential nutrients that promote healthier bones, stronger muscles, better concentration, restful sleep, healthier sleep, and healthier weight gain. Given all these benefits from the malted drink, it’s best to consume Horlicks in moderation and make sure you have a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, and other necessary food.

Does Horlicks increase weight?

Horlicks increases weight in a healthy manner. This means it will only provide all the beneficial nutrients that will help the body store more food and healthy fat. The weight gain will occur gradually and in a healthy pace so the weight gain will be evenly distributed all over the body.

How much is Horlicks price in Malaysia?

Top Horlicks Products



Horlicks Original 200G/400G/440G



Horlicks Original 200G



Horlicks Holick 3-in-1 Instant Malted Cereal drink



Horlicks Malted Original 1kg



Horlicks Refill Pack 1kg/pkt



Horlicks Malt Powder (1.8kg) Original Flavour



Horlicks Original Nutritious Malted Drink 400G



Horlicks Malt Powder (2kg) Original Drink



Horlicks 1kg/1.2kg Original Flavour (New)



Horlicks Malt DrinkOriginal 400G