Perhaps known as one of the best American home appliance brands in the market, Honeywell is a trusted brand when it comes to locks, security systems, air conditioning, water treatment and many more. Honeywell Malaysia brings you the best products that will bring every family comfort, security, and assurance for a happy and safe home. Click here to learn more about the wonderful brand!

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A guide to Honeywell Malaysia products

As they say, the home is where the heart is and with Honeywell Malaysia you can definitely ensure that. If you desire comfort, security and a happy, healthy well-being, Honeywell Malaysia can give it to you with their vast range of products. It features American-standard appliances that range from water filtration to high-tech CCTV and security systems. You can never go wrong with a brand as good and as well-known as Honeywell as they are always seeking to improve upon everyday household items. Scroll down to learn more about the products they have to offer.

Portable fans

If saving on electricity is important to you, the Honeywell fans are not only energy efficient but are portable as well. It can be placed anywhere at home or workplace as they are a very handy solution to satisfy your cooling needs.

Ceiling fans

A quick solution for your cooling needs, the Honeywell ceiling fans are designed to be modern as well as offer reliable performance and energy efficiency for every home. It also comes with remotes that give homeowners an easy solution of gaining control of their ceiling fans.

Air coolers

Another cooling solution offered by the brand are the Honeywell evaporative air coolers which also showcases performance and energy efficiency.

Air conditioners

For smaller housing units, the Honeywell portable air conditioner works great in keeping smaller areas cool. Whether if you’re indoors or outdoors, it can still be utilised. It is also capable of cooling and dehumidifying the surrounding air.


There are two types of humidifiers that are offered by Honeywell which are the perfect remedy for dry skin, carpet shock, cracking woodwork, etc. You can either pick the portable one or whole house humidifier. This product creates the ideal breathing environment for every household. Honeywell also offers replaceable filters for the humidifiers such as pre-filter, pads, and cartridges.


Acting as an opposite to the humidifier, Honeywell’s dehumidifiers help reduces excessive moisture from the air to improve the environment in every room as well as actively sense the rooms humidity and adjust accordingly. This is especially beneficial for humid countries such as Malaysia as a high level of humidity will cause mildew or mold to grow which negatively affects the air that you breathe. Once the dehumidifier reaches its capacity, it will automatically shut off.

Air purifiers

Provide your family with a peace of mind with Honeywell’s air purifiers that allows them to breathe only the very best of air. Just like the humidifiers, they have replaceable filters which includes True-HEPA and HEPA-Type air cleaning filters which captures 99.97 percent of particles as small as 0.3 microns.


With the use of Honeywell’s advanced technology, the security cameras are user-friendly and has several features which notifies the owner on their smartphone or tablet if any unusual movement or sound is detected. Furthermore, it has other features such as two way audio, high-definition, night vision, and convenient wire-free installation.


Honeywell offers a variety of safes to choose from such as the portable safe, fire-resistant safe, and executive safe. Now, you can keep your valuables safe and secure. There are other superior protection options such as the security chests, security boxes and many more.

Door locks

Gain access to any door at your home or office with Honeywell’s high-tech digital door locks. It features a programmable lock that allows users to set up individual codes which is secure and convenient. These locks surpasses the standards for residential security as it is tested by ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

Water alarms

Detect the presence of water around water heaters, washing machines, bathtubs, bathrooms, and many more with Honeywell’s water alarms. Moreover, it utilises patented technologies that will help achieve optimum assurance.

Security & flood lights

Light up your home or workplace with these broad-beamed, high-intensity security and flood light which displays exceptional performance and versatility. The lights can also be installed with light switch timers which helps to cut down on energy costs and at the same time add a level of security at home which greatly reduces the chances of theft while out from home.

Door chimes

Providing a robust selection of door chimes, you can choose from decorative, surface mount, holiday as well as wireless option which acts as an extra defence in security as well.

Take a look at other products Honeywell has to offer such as audio & hi-fi, shoes, medical supplies, computing, kitchen & dining, appliances and many more.