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From the epic CBR series to the cute little scooters, Honda motorcycles are insanely popular in Malaysia. Check out the hottest Honda motorcycles in the country or let’s look at 3 types that you must have here.


4 Popular Honda motorcycles in Malaysia

Honda is a name synonymous with car culture and motorcycles. For us bikers, the excitement of waiting for a new Honda motorcycle model is unbearable. Every Honda motorbike that comes out is a significant improvement over the previous model. Here in Malaysia, motorbikes form the ultimate means of transport. Lightweight and nimble around corners, Honda motorcycles are perfect for navigating through the ins and outs of our congested cities. Budgeting fuel economy and time saved on travelling, Honda motorcycles become the best option of transport. So what Honda motorcycles should you get? Here are 4 Honda models you can get.

Honda Zoomer-X: The ultimate scooter

Scooters are often given a bad rep thanks to the perception that they are made for women. But one ride with Honda scooters and you know what you’ve been missing out on. Out of all the scooters Honda has made, the all-new Zoomer-X is the one you should consider. Called the Honda Monkey in some parts of the world, the Zoomer-X is a fun little machine.

Made to bring you around the city in the shortest time possible, the Zoomer-X is fitted with a 110cc Powerful PGM-FI Engine with ESP. With a new set of front shock absorbers, the Zoomer-X provides an amazing ride and smoother braking as there is less push on the front. It comes in a series of 2 colours each, green-white, red-white, and orange-white. It alsHonda o sports new headlamps that keep up with today’s bright LED models.

Honda RS150 Repsol Edition

Let’s add some power into the picture. Here comes the RS150 Repsol Edition. This bad boy is powerful. For its small size, the 150cc engine propels this little monster to epic speeds. As a naked-body motorcycle, the RS150 is extremely popular in the bike world. Add the Repsol tuning and livery, and you get a model that no biker can resist. Sporting the signature orange, white, and black Repsol colours, this striking bike caters to your fancy. Even the tires and calipers are colour-coded to the bike’s repertoire. Other features include a liquid-cooled 150cc MotoGP-inspired engine with an auto fan and titanium engine colour.

Honda CBR150R

Say the name CBR when out with bikers and you are guaranteed to turn heads. The Honda CBR model has long been the promised one in the brand’s superbike category. Here, the 150R is celebrated as one of the sportiest and most powerful racing bikes. With a menacing look on its fairing, thicker tires, and versatile colour scheme, the CBR150R makes the most of its specs. Featuring a liquid-cooled DOHC engine from MotoGP heritage, Honda’s team of racing engineers perfected the 150R’s set up to tackle the road and bring you across vast distances in the shortest time. What’s better, you won’t be paying an awful lot for road tax and other registration fees.

Now that you know more about the 3 types of Honda motorcycles you should get, it’s time to get some of your own. If you already own a Honda motorcycle, check out the products above for more motorcycle accessories.