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Ironing is one of the most dreaded chores for many people, but now this task can be much easier and faster with a steam iron. How so? What extra functionality does a steam iron offer exactly? Click here to find out more.

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What is a Steam Iron?

A steam iron is an iron that has the extra steam power, it applies steam to your garments whilst you are ironing. The steam not only moistens but also relaxes fabric fibres making it easier for the iron to smoothen out creases. Generally, the higher the steam output, the more effectively the iron performs.

Generally, there are two kinds of Steam Irons:

  • Regular Steam Iron — regular sized iron that will fulfil most household needs
  • Advanced Steam Generator Iron — a larger iron for heavy ironing like commercial needs as it can hold more water than a regular iron

How does Steam Irons work?

A steam iron uses superheated water to eliminate wrinkles in clothes and fabrics. Distilled water is usually poured into a holding tank and special heating elements will turn it into steam. When this hot mist comes through a number of holes in the iron’s soleplate (bottom heating element), angle it towards the garments for 15 seconds to soften the stiff garment. Then, after the garment’s individual fibres loosen up, start pressing lightly onto the garment. Creases and wrinkles of the garments will be smoothen-out with little effort.

Nowadays, some traditional dry irons also offer this steam option, but we strongly recommend you to get a proper Steamer Iron for safety concerns. As water is superheated in the process (after being poured into a small reservoir), it is essential to make sure that the hot water will not spill over and scald the skin when ironing. Always safety first!

Most Steam Irons will have a mechanical switch on its handle which will allow the user to select the preferred steam setting unlike the dry irons that offer the steam function. When the power of a Steam Iron is turned on, water will be superheated and the produced steam will be angled to come out of the many small holes located near the tip of the pressing plate. And so users will be kept safe away from the scalding steams. Some irons that combine dry and steam functions also can only generate steam when the iron is held horizontally over an ironing board, which limits your ironing versatility. Get a proper Steam Iron in order to get the job done perfectly, wrinkle-free, fuss-free and safely.

Why you should get a Steam Iron?

Advanced steam iron systems may also have a handheld wand steamer feature which can direct clouds of steam in and around vertically-hung garments or curtains. Yes, you can even iron vertically by pointing the steam towards garments like curtains or quilts that may be a bit more difficult to iron horizontally, as the steam itself should be able to eliminate wrinkles without the need for a pressing element. If all those clothes you packed up for your move are emerging from their boxes with deep wrinkles, a dry iron might not be enough to restore them to their usual smoothness. Steam irons can handle tough creases in most types of fabric, and they aren't much harder to use than dry irons.

We think that the ability to generate 'vertical steam' is a major reason in getting a good Steam Iron system. Good vertical steaming also means that the Steam Iron can be used to iron curtains and quilts in place. Although most steam irons have the same basic operation, read the instructions that come with your iron carefully, as each model has its own features and specifications.

Things to avoid when using a steam Iron

  • Do not iron directly over buttons because the steaming heat from the iron can melt them.
  • Do not iron over zippers or other metal details because they can scratch the iron's sole-plate.
  • Do not fill scented water or water containing fabric softener into the Steam Iron as it may stain the garment.
  • Do not use a steam iron on fabrics such as silk, as it will damage the silk fabric. However, a steam iron can also still be used as a dry iron too if you do not put water in them, so essentially you can get two irons for the price of one.

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