A water tank is typically used to store an extra supply of water and can be found in landed houses as well as an apartment complex. For people living in Malaysia, especially in Klang Valley where water cuts are often, water tanks can be your saviour. Find out more about water tanks in Malaysia in the article below.

What are the types of water tank? | How long does a water tank last? | Which is the best water tank for a house?


Water Tank Malaysia Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of water tank?

There are nine types of water storage tanks that are considered the most common. They are:

  • Pillow tanks
  • Bolted steel tanks
  • Folding tanks
  • Polyethylene tanks
  • Carbon welded steel tank
  • Underground fibreglass tanks
  • Corrugated steel tanks
  • Above ground fibreglass storage tanks
  • Stainless steel water storage tanks

The type of water tank that you should get depend on where you want to install it and the capacity you expect from a water tank. If you’re still unsure, contact your constructor or a water tank expert.

How long does a water tank last?

A water tank can last for a long time. If you buy a high-grade tank made with good materials, it can last for 8 to 12 years. You can prolong the life of your water tank by scheduling regular cleaning and maintenance as well as making sure the installation is working properly at all times.

The weather could also impact the longevity of your water tank. There are only 2 seasons in Malaysia, dry and wet, so you don’t need to worry about insulation typically required in colder countries. However, this means your water tank can also be more prone to corrosion. Make sure your water tank is in its optimum state before using your reservoir.

Are stainless steel water tanks safe?

Yes, a stainless steel water tank is perfectly safe water storage. They’re stronger than most types of water tanks and they will not dent or warp. However, they are less resistant than polyethylene tanks, also known as poly tanks.

Is it worth getting a water tank?

As stated above, Malaysia, especially Klang Valley, experience water cuts quite often. It’s highly recommended that you invest in a water tank to have an extra supply of water. Rain water is collected and stored in a water tank. Then, the water supply will flow through the plumbing of the house and out the faucets in your home.

Which is the best water tank for a house?

Some of the best water tanks for home use are:

  • Surewater 260 Gallon Emergency Water Storage Tank
  • RomoTech Horizontal 550 Gallon Tank
  • Norwesco 45223 Horizontal Water Tank
  • Sintex Underground Water Tanks
  • Reno Coloured Overhead Water Tanks