Water filter can improve both health and quality of life. With fresh, clean water, you can stay healthy and strong without any fears or worries. A good water filter can serve you for a lifetime. Read more about water filter in Malaysia here below to find out.


What You Should Look For Before Getting a Water Filter

Just as water nourishes life, so too you need a highly capable water filter that can provide fresh, clean water for your consumption. Since a lot of people take water filter for granted, they always make the mistake of getting the wrong choices that do not serve their needs well. Herearewhat you should look for before getting a water filter.

Capacity of Water Filter

Portable and pleasant to hold, it is little wonder that pitcher water filters are the most popular water filters in the market.Whilepitcher water filters are affordable and simple touse,their limited capacity means that you canonlykeep a basic supply of drinking water on hand. Obviously, the amount you or your family drink daily will influencesize pitcher you need. In addition, you need to make sure thata larger pitcher fits in your refrigerator.

Countertop, faucet-mounted, and under-sink water filters give you an unlimited amount of filtered water. They offer theadded convenience of letting you toggle between filtered and tap water. However,you need to check whether you have adequate space to accommodate them. They do not usually need large space but it will be easier to install them when you have the right spot and space.

Filtering Performance

Before picking a water filter up, you need to test its filtering performance.Most water filters usecarbonwhich absorbs impurities and odor as the water passes through the porous material.Multistage filters can remove contaminants such as lead, chlorine, parasites, pharmaceuticals, bacteria and harmful chemicals. Thesemi-permeable membranes of reverse osmosis systems flush the highest percentage of contaminants away. While filtering performance depends on the quality of materials in the filter system, the more filtering layers you have, the cleaner your water will be.

Since not all water is the same, it is wise to know what contaminants are present in your drinking water.Thiswill help you determine whether you need only a basic filter to improve taste or a sophisticated system that reduces pollutants and parasites.

Dependingon type of water filter, the flow speed can vary.When a water filter takes too long to do its job, it is the time toreplaceit. Some water filters slow down significantly as they get towards the end of their life. A good water filter can last forever with proper care and maintenance. Most of the time, your slow water filter becomes faster again once you have changed/replaced its filter. This is why you should get a water filter that comes with a filter change indicator so that you know when to change its filter.

Cost & Demands of Maintaining Water Filter

Bothpitcher water filters and faucet-mounted waterfilters are inexpensive when you get them. However, thecost of replacement filters will quickly outpace the initial purchase price. In order to calculate your annual expense, you can usethe cost of replacement filters and manufacturer recommendations on filter life. If you are using a reverse osmosis system, cleaning, battery replacement and new semi-permeable membranes will be the additionalmaintenanceyou can expect.