Vises Malaysia

You can always grab 50% on Vises if you shop at iPrice Malaysia! Don't forget to grab the most popular Vises such as the IRWIN RECORD MECHANICS’ VICE - HEAVY-DUTY RANGE 3 to 8 VICES VISE VISES CLAMP CLAMPING HOLDING --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRODIY MYDIY TOTAL REMAX VENUS ALLEFIX HERMAN EASTMAN BOSSMAN, " 52PD 7"" PLAIN SCREW WOOD WODKER WORKING VICE VISE VICES VISES" and IRWIN DRILL PRESS VICES 4 VICE VISE VISES. The hottest Vises in Malaysia right now are from Irwin Tools, PRC and KING TOYO. The prices for Vises usually range from RM 13.00 to RM 477.00.