Hammers are staple tools that everyone should have at home if you have a knack for building your own DIY creations at home. Hammers can be used to drive nails, fit parts, and smash things apart. There are different types of hammers, varying in shape, size, and usage. Know more about the various types of hammers and their uses below.


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Different Type of Hammers and What they are Used For

Hammers are one of the most common hardware tools that are available today. There is a wide variety of hammers that are available today; you should have at least one or two types at home to assist in your home refurbishment efforts and DIY projects. The materials that you commonly work on will determine which hammer you should have at home.

Claw Hammers

Claw hammers are the most typical type of hammer and probably the one that we associate with when hammers come to mind. These hammers are very versatile as they can be used for most general work, from large scale woodwork projects to simple DIY creations. Claw hammers can be identified easily thanks to a flat surface at one end of the head and the curved fork at the opposite end. The claw is used as a lever to extract nails out of wood. The claw is inserted under the head of the nail so that the notch is attached to the bottom part of the nail’s head. The nail is then levered out by pulling back the handle and using the curve of the claw as a fulcrum.

Cross and Straight Pein Hammers

These hammers sport a cross or straight pein on the opposite side of the head where the Bell (or Poll) is located. Warrington, Joiners, and Cross Pein Pin Hammers are primarily used to work on wood. The cross pein is used to start of the tack or nail, allowing you to gently knock on the nail between your fingers without accidentally hitting your finger or thumb.

Ball Pein Hammers

If your preferred material to work on is metal, ball pein hammers should be added to your list of available tools at home. Also known as engineer’s or mechanic’s hammers, one end of the hammer’s head has a rounded pein which can be used to shape metal, close rivets or rounding off metal fasteners.

Club Hammers

A mini version of the sledgehammer, the club hammer has flat surfaces on both sides of the head. Club hammers can be used to drive steel chisels and masonry nails as well as in light manual demolition work to break things up into smaller pieces.

Sledge Hammers

You should keep a sledgehammer handy in case you might get involved in large scale home improvement projects. These hammers have similar characteristics to club hammers, with the only exception that they have a longer handle and weigh more than the latter. Sledgehammers are used heavier demolition work, breaking up stone, concrete, and masonry by swinging the hammer like an axe.


Typically made of beech (a type of hardwood), mallets are used to drive chisels or to tap wooden joints together. They are ideally used for delicate woodwork where a metal-head hammer might cause unintentional damage and bruising. The head of the mallet is tapered to ensure correct contact with the piece being worked on.

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