If you are into do-it-yourself home improvement projects, the drill is an invaluable tool in your toolkit. The right drill can accomplish a lot of work around the home. What are the things you need to consider when choosing a drill? Read on to find out more below.


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Power Drill Buying Guide for Your Home

A power drill is one of the most useful tools to have in your toolkit at home. Drills are available in a wide range of styles and many of them have extended functions besides merely drilling holes. Hence, there are several considerations that you need to keep in mind when choosing a drill.

Power of the Drill

Before you need a drill based on its power, you need to determine what tasks you will be using it for. The power on cordless drills in measured in volts and usually range from around 7V to 24V. A lower-powered model can handle light-drilling and can perform the functions of a cordless screwdriver while a high-power drill is typically used to tackle the toughest challenges in a home project. You need to be mindful though that a more powerful model is larger and heavier. Hence, a 12V to 18V drill is sufficient to handle most home projects.

On the other hand, corded drills are measured in watts but their usage is same as cordless units. High wattage models give more power to drill through hard objects and reduce the risk of overheating but at the expense of being heavier and harder to handle.

Cordless vs Corded

The next consideration is whether you should get a corded or cordless unit; both types have respective advantages. Cordless drills are convenient and more portable than its corded counterparts, hence they are best if you need to use them in different places. However, their battery life tends to be short so their battery might be drained easily if you are drilling through tougher materials. Fortunately, most cordless drills are sold with two batteries so that you can use one while charging the other. Moreover, lithium-ion batteries that provide longer chargers and stronger performance are also available nowadays.

Although they are not as portable as cordless drills, corded drills are more reliable as the mains provide them with a consistent amount of electricity. Hence, they will not lag like cordless models with a low battery.

Drill Size and Weight

The size and weight of power drills available today vary greatly. Some might face difficulty to sustain drilling on heavier units as they can be unstable if you do not have enough strength to handle it. Besides the weight, the size of the drill is also important. Small drills will be more comfortable and easier to use in small spaces compared to the bulkier models.


Any tool should be comfortable when you use it, especially after prolonged periods of usage. The design of the drill will affect how a drill will feel after you have used it for hours. Although drills come in several designs, the T-handle style is generally preferred. These drills have handles that are located near the middle of the drill body. This design enables the weight to be distributed, providing better balance and less strain on the wrist.