Angle grinders are one of the most important tools for a home renovation or construction project. Grab one of the best angle grinders for your next restoration project in Malaysia!

What are the different types of angle grinders? | What to consider before buying an angle grinder? | Safety precautions


Angle Grinders And Their Uses

The angle grinders were first invented in the 1950s by a German company specializing in hardware and power tools. Angle grinders can be used as sanders, to polish surfaces and for various metal works. It is commonly found in construction work as a grinding tool to smoothen out wood, metal or concrete. It can also be used in rescue operations post-natural disasters. The type of work an angle driver can do depends on the type of disc that is used. Angle grinders are also widely used in workshops, auto garages and auto-body repair shops.

What is a grinding machine?

An angle grinding machine is used for abrasive cutting and polishing surfaces and materials. Angle grinders are commonly used in the construction and metal fabrication industry. The angle grinders are powered either by compressed air or electricity. A motor situated within the grinder drives the gear head at a right-angle which has an abrasive disc or a thinner cut-off disc. The discs can be replaced once it wears out. Most angle grinders can be used by using both hands due to the side handles and the adjustable guard option. Some of the uses of angle grinders are as follows:

  • Cutting ceramic tiles
  • Cutting stone
  • Cutting metal
  • Removing paint
  • Removing rust
  • Removing mortar
  • Cleaning metal
  • Cutting and carving wood

What are the different types of angle grinders?

  • Electric powered
  • Battery-powered (cordless)
  • Gas
  • Pneumatic

What to consider before buying an angle grinder?

  • Disc types
  • The power of the motor
  • Sizes (the larger the motor, the bigger the wheel that can be attached)
  • Durability
  • Ergonomics

What are the different types of angle-grinder disc?

  • Wire Brush: Wire wheels remove rust and flaking paint from flat surfaces and various deburring tasks.
  • Metal cutoff wheel: Used to cut metal rebars. Letting the weight of the tool helps make the task easier.
  • Diamond wheel: Diamond wheels on the grinder machine are used to cut tile, stone and concrete.
  • Sharpening blades: Can be used to sharpen the blades and tips of different household maintenance tools such as hoes and shovels.
  • Mill Bastard File: Sharpens any metal tools such as the blades of lawnmowers further after using a sharpening blade on the grinding machine.
  • Diamond tuckpointing wheel: Used for grinding our motors from brick walls

Safety precautions

  • Wear safety gear - face shield and gloves.
  • Make sure the grinder is off and unplugged when changing the wheels.
  • Attach the handle and keep a firm grip on the machine when grinding with both hands.
  • It is recommended to use the guard whenever possible.
  • Make sure the wheel is not defective before using any material.
  • Make sure the majority of the debris falls downwards.
  • If there is anyone else in the vicinity they should be wearing safety gear as well.
  • Make sure there are no flammable materials around that may catch fire due to the flying sparks.
  • Make sure to keep the object that you are working on clamped or held tightly before commencing grinding.
  • Store angle grinders out of children’s reach.

What are the features to consider when buying an angle grinder?

The head and the wheel size is the first thing to consider before purchasing an angle grinder. The higher the motor power the bigger the wheel should be. High-speed grinding features are to be considered before buying the grinding machine depending on what type of work the angle grinder is to be used for. The handle is one of the major features that are to be considered before buying. It is safer to use a power tool with an adjustable handle.