Bugs are the worst enemies of our homes. There are some simple steps to take to prevent bugs from entering your homes. Read more below on how to do pest control.


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A Guide to Pest Control In Your Home

Just as you’re resting on a couch after a long day at work, a bug-like silhouette suddenly flashes across your eyes. You’re immediately alerted leading you to grab an insecticide like your weapon as if you’re ready for a fight with unwelcomed pests. We’ve all tried various ways to kill a bug - beating with a rolled magazine or a slipper, squeezing the bug’s body with toilet paper, or even setting glue trap and watching it suffer. It can be a bother to do all these, so how about we take some preemptive measures?

Ants - These tiny creatures are attracted to sweet substances, and can sneak into a tiny hole easily. Search for cracks or holes in any corners of your home - in and out, seal them up with caulk to prevent ants from entering into your living space. Make sure that all surfaces are properly cleaned and that food and snacks are stored in sealed containers. Set up an ant barrier by spraying insecticide at the area where ants are appearing the most.

Cockroaches - Roaches often follow the direction where the source of water is, which is why they can be seen scuttling across water pipes or sinks. They enjoy being in warm and moist places. Therefore, it’s always crucial to keep your surrounding environment dry and tidy. They love to hide in our closet, so the mini holes in our clothes could be “great work” done by roaches. Place some roach balls in cabinets, or apply some gel bait in places where you spotted a roach.

Rats / Mice - It's another pathogen carrier that could threaten our health through direct contact such as faeces, urine or saliva. A way to keep rats away from your home is to banish branches or vines that connect to your house compound as these are the common climbing routes of rodents. Their climbing capability shouldn’t be underestimated as they could nibble off things to make a small hole and squeeze their bodies through it. Sealing off holes and entryways can create a blockage for rodents from scurrying into your house. Rat repellents are the most basic solution to ward off rats. Rat traps and rat baits can be quite tricky as the process of handling dead rats is complicated, and may require the assistance of pest control experts.

Mosquito Larvae - In a tropical country like Malaysia, it’s no surprise that dengue fever cases are on the rise due to poor environmental cleanliness. Mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue can be fatal if not treated immediately. Hence, eradicating mosquitoes and larvae is key to preventing the spread of viruses. Most often, we can barely notice the existence of mosquito larvae as they are invisible to the naked eye. Some simple steps to prevent the breeding of mosquito larvae include pouring out water in any containers, draining things that accumulate rainwater such as gutters, and rearing small fish (goldfish, mosquito fish or koi) that feed on mosquito larvae if you have a pond. An alternative is deploying Abate Mosquito Larvae Killer to stagnant water to terminate the growth of mosquitoes.