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Kitchen Fixtures Malaysia: Accentuate Your Kitchen’s Appearance

Kitchen fixtures not only define the appearance of your kitchen but also add definitive touches. They add visual appeal to your kitchen as they all shine and glitter and add a bit of charm to the kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, and flooring.

Kitchen Fixtures Malaysia: Different Types, Different Functions

When it comes to kitchen fixtures types, they can be classified as faucets, faucet aerators, kitchen sink strainers, and accessories. A kitchen is useless without its fixtures. There will be a clogged drain without a strainer, increased water consumption without a faucet aerator, and no running water without a faucet.


A faucet not only provides an important function but also adds a decorative touch to your kitchen. Today’s bar faucets come in various forms – from the basic single handle faucet to more modern styles. One example of a faucet with a modern style is the Contemporary Pull-out/­Pull-down Deck Mounted Pullout Spray with Ceramic Valve Single Handle One Hole for a Brushed kitchen faucet, which gives you more freedom compared to a standard faucet. Using this faucet is like watering potted plants since it allows you to reach beyond the confines of your sink.

Faucet Aerators

If you tend to leave your faucet running while finishing other kitchen tasks, then you should install a faucet aerator on your kitchen sink to save water. Faucet aerators are the little tube fittings that are seen on the end of all contemporary faucets. Not only do they determine the faucet’s flow rate, they also reduce water consumption by mixing the outgoing water with air to create a steady flowing stream of water, resulting in a subtle force to the water and a regulated flow of water. Moreover, they cause less spillage due to the controlled water movement unlike faucets with no aerators that dispel water in a clumsy, usually off-center fashion.

Kitchen Sink Strainers

Once a kitchen sink starts to clog, it already has collected a significant amount of filth and grime, that’s why a kitchen sink strainer is needed as a first line defense. Modern day kitchen sink strainers come in different designs – from the common basket and mesh styles to disposable ones. Basket and mesh kitchen sink strainers can be pulled out to get rid of filtered food particles coming from plates or cookwares and detach them from the sink drain. Disposable sink strainers are usually made from organic materials and designed to be disposed once they are full with filth. These strainers are made for people who are scrupulous about stain and germs breeding on their sinks.

Kitchen Accessories

Cooking won’t be a pleasure without owning a set of kitchen accessories. Along with the transformation of important kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator, oven, etc., small kitchen accessories also underwent changes in the 19th and 20th centuries. They are simple yet important tools to aid people in cutting, peeling, grinding, and mixing fruits, vegetables, and meat, making them essential for every kitchen. Some of these essential tools are fruit and vegetable cutters and peelers, meat grinder, etc.