When it comes to gates, it is important to get the best products that can secure your gate with relative ease. Read more about gates Malaysia below to find out.


Securing Your Gate Malaysia: How to Select the Suitable Gate Opener

Needless to say, the gate is just one of the things that you cannot really avoid when it comes to securing the entrance of your home or office. Most importantly, the gate is only useful when you can open and close it successfully. Otherwise, you might need to demolish that gate because it no longer serves its purpose. In order to get your gate to work well, you definitely need a gate opener. In fact, an automatic gate opener should serve your best interests at all times. Hence, this is a simple guide to help you to select and buy the suitable gate opener which can cater to your unique needs.

What You Should Know Before Buying

Like most appliances, there are a number of factors that you should take into account before buying a gate opener. Chiefly, you can begin by asking several questions which can help you to get your desired gate opener. First, you need to check out your own gate and determine whether it is a single or dual gate. Next, you should measure its weight and length so that you can install a suitable gate opener. Finally, you must decide which type of gate opener that you should use before buying one.

Types of Gate Opener

Generally, there are three types of gate opener: slide gate opener, solar gate opener and swing gate opener. Each of them has its own strength and weakness. Before getting your gate opener, you must decide the one that can suit your gate.

Slide Gate Opener

Basically, the slide gate opener actually operates via a chain. This chain will then pulls your gate open and hold it in its open position. When you activate it, it will release and return the gate to the closed position. As such, its operation is relatively simple. Generally, you will find that there is a photo beam safety feature in most slide gate openers. It works by monitoring objects and movements. When needed, it can stop the gate operation. Not just that, it can even detect metal if it passes or blocks the process.

Naturally, the slide gate opener is said to be heavier which leads to using more force to operate. When you have decided to use slide gate opener, you must consider its weight and force so that you can use it safely.

Solar Gate Opener

Why use solar power? When you are staying in a place that has poor access to electricity, the solar gate opener is definitely an amazing choice. In fact, you will find it to be invaluable especially during a power outage. Aside from using solar power to operate, the solar gate opener is virtually similar to the conventional gate opener.

Swing Gate Opener

As shown by its name, the swing gate opener works by using a swing arm or ram arm to open the gate. Moreover, the swing gate opener comes in either single or dual option. Since the swing gate opener uses less force than slide gate opener, people often think that the swing gate opener is safer.