Fencing is a popular feature for most Malaysian houses, as it does not only help to keep the home secure, but also gives it a more aesthetically pleasing look. Upgrade the exterior of your home to look fancy with fencing in Malaysia and scroll below to read more about the types of fences.


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A guide on selecting the right type of fencing in Malaysia

Fences come in a variety of styles and types, which makes the selecting process difficult as each offers their own benefits accordingly to its intended purpose. The most popular types of fences are made from aluminium, wood, PVC, wrought iron, vinyl, chain link and many more.


Simple and attractive easily describes the aluminium fencing. Although it is not the most secure kind of fencing, it is easily maintained and is rather affordable. The only maintenance needed is during the installation as well as repainting it, which can be done yearly. Nevertheless, aluminium fencing is not advisable to be installed in areas with severe weather.


Another popular type of fencing material is made of wood as it does not only give homeowners a sense of privacy, with the height it provides. On top of that, it is the more attractive option among the other types of fences. It also gives homeowners a warm and welcoming feeling. Wood fencing is pricier compared to the other types of materials. Thus, the bigger the project, the pricier it will cost.


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly fencing, PVC is hands down the best option. Although it is not the sturdiest material, but it still serves its purpose. These types of fences is usually a combination of PVC and wood with the purpose of adding stability to it. Nevertheless, it is still very resistant and can last a lifetime.

Wrought Iron

Most of the time, wrought iron fencing comes in funky designs. They are strong and beautiful but do require continuous upkeeping if you want it to maintain its beauty. It is recommended to sand or repaint the fence every two to three years. Not only that, wrought iron fencing is usually customised and will costs a lot.


Compared to the other materials, vinyl would be considered part of the elite category. As a matter of fact, it is made to be strong as well as flexible compared to wood fences. Other than that, it requires little to no maintenance and can resist paint or any stains. To make it look as good as new, all you need is soap and water.

Chain link

Chain link fencing is possibly the cheapest fencing option compared to the other. However, it does not provide privacy or security to homes. Nevertheless, these types of fences are cheap, durable, and need very little maintenance. If you need more privacy, you can opt to grow tall shrubs around the fence.


Environmentally friendly and attractive, bamboo fencing serves a great option for those who prefer Asian landscaping. Typically, rolled bamboo and bamboo cane that are linked together are studier compared to live bamboo.