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Bring any room to life with wall stickers in Malaysia. Click here to learn everything you need to know about the product.

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DIY Self Adhensive 3D Brick Wall Stickers Living Room Decor Foam Waterproof Wall
RM 8.40 RM 8.90

Material: Waterproof PE Foam Brick Pattern Wall Stickers Metric size:/70cmX77cm Imperial size: 27 inch X 30 inch Use: Kitchen wall, Bedroom, Living Room TV Background Features: Self-adhesive, Waterproof, Removable, Back with glue Attention: Please buy enough piece at a time to make sure they are come from the same batch to avoid color difference. good news 3D three-dimensional foam wall tile is our home-made wall DIY and children's protective decoration materials independently developed by our company. Our company owns the national advanced foam molding production equipment of rubber and plastics industry, and has a complete R&D, production and marketing team. The product design concept stems from ordinary home improvement tiles, but compared with ordinary tiles, our products have the following advantages: Second, the product material: environmental protection, odorless PE polyethylene foam material. Third, product performance: soft and flexible texture, can better play children's anti-collision effect. 3D brick texture, excellent material and elegant outline create a simple and pure style. Thicker brick lines provide better sound insulation. It is easy to paste and the back is self-adhesive. Just peel off the backing paper and attach it to the smooth flat surface. Four stock supply, same day shipping, support for a generation, nanny service, designated Yuantong Express. The main material is (environmentally friendly soft XPE). The material is brightly colored, the price is low, and the paste is convenient. The high quality wall sticker can play a very good role in protecting children and the elderly.

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Anime characters One Piece King 3D solid wall stickers
RM 16.10

Manufacturer: Mainland of China material: plastic Level: Excellence Color: color Function: beautify the decoration Supply category: spot Attention: Thanks for visiting our store! Our office hour is 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, so please wait patiently and we'll reply you instantly during our office hour. Thanks for your corporation. There might be slight differences of the goods you received due to the screen of the display and light as well as the background of the picture. Please take a careful Consideration before your payment Evaluation: Your evaluation is quite important to us. So if you are satisfied with our goods, please give us a positive evaluation. If not, please contact us before research, for any reasonable issues, we'll give you feedback as soon as we Can you offer you much better services. Customer Services: Within 3 days after receiving the goods, if there are some quality issues, please Contact us and we will give you a positive feedback. If the quality is qualified and you do not like it due to your personal reasons, we can not accept the refund. Shipping policy: We'll ship the goods within 3-5 days after you payment (the weekends are excluded). The shipping of them may have 3-5 days delay if goods are out of stock. So before payments, you may ask our customer service are they out of stock or not. Thanks for your understanding! #WallArt #Covers #DIYTools #Lighting #FestiveDecor #Tableware

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DIY Large Wall Clock 3D Mirror Surface Sticker
RM 26.10 RM 32.60

Features: 100% Brand New and High Quality. The wall clock is with 3D effect; Waterproof high-density EVA foam material, eco friendly; DIY distance from digits,DIY shape of the digits; Wall sticker is easy to install and remove; Self-adhesive, water and steam resistant, non toxic and safe for the children; Silent sweeping movement, mute movement, silent clock give you a quiet night; The decals can be applied on all smooth surfaces, such as walls, doors, windows, closets, plastic, metal, tiles etc; Can be used for gifts, crafts, business gifts, holiday gifts, promotion gifts, home decoration; Suitable for smooth walls of living room, kids bedroom, dining room, kitchen, office, bathroom, coffee shop, hall, etc. Specification: Color Material: Aggreko + EVA Minute length: 39cm Hour length: 31.4cm Dial diameter 12cm Posted good size (approximately): 100 * 100cm Power supply: 1x 1.5V AA batteries (not included) Packing included: 1 X Wall clock How to Install? STEP: 1: Remove all dirt and dust from the application surface and make sure the surface is dry and clean. 2: Cover the clock with the auxiliary scale, as to the scale,stick the figure at the right site. 3: Take down the clock,fixing the hour hand and minute hand one bye one. Tips: press the hands into the clock axes in order aim at 12 o'clock. 4: Adjust the time with the button and install the battery. 5: Hanging the clock return to the nail. 6: Well done! You can enjoy your art-work now.#frontline #fashion #DIY #Clock #3Dclock #home #decoration #Decorclock #numberclock #wallclock

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Everything you need to know about wall art stickers

Perhaps one of the most affordable and efficient ways of decorating your home, wall art stickers are becoming a prominent ornament for many households. Typically, wall art stickers are made with high-quality vinyl, which is suitable to be used on most surfaces and can be used anywhere you like. It comes in many designs such as sceneries, cartoon characters, famous buildings and much more. If you know how to place it in a strategic location, it can set the mood in any room. Here is everything you need to know about wall art stickers.

Ways you can decorate with wall art stickers

Depending on the theme you wish to decorate your room with, you can find the ideal ones for every room. Moreover, you can experiment with them by cutting, layering or even repainting them to look brand new, the designs are endless. The best thing about it is that if the experiment fails, it won't be a waste as wall art stickers are rather affordable.

The safest option of using these is to choose contemporary graphics, inspirational quotes or any classic image particularly if the room is fully furnished. Wall art stickers come in handy for smaller rooms as it will compromise the lack of furniture.

On the other hand, stylish wall art stickers such as large photos or digital prints will especially benefit contemporary rooms. Additionally, nature-inspired wall art stickers could add a little happiness in an industrial setting.

How to use wall art stickers

First and foremost, before you place the stickers, do ensure the surface of your wall is dry, clean, and smooth. If you wish to paint the wall, it should be done 3 weeks before the application. After that, you may proceed to picture the ideal position for each wall art sticker.

Secondly, you may prep the sticker for the application. Simply peel the white backing paper from your vinyl sticker and apply it to clear transfer tape. Then, place the sticker on a flat surface and make sure the graphic is side-up. You may then utilise a rubber spatula or squeegee to simply straighten it out by pressing it firmly down while moving the tool back and forth. It is advisable to repeat the procedure by turning it upside down.

Next, you can proceed to take the white paper backing off. Start from the corner of the sticker and slowly peel it off. The process will take a bit of time depending on how the vinyl is made. Nonetheless, you can always roll the paper back and start over.

Finally, stick the design sown to the sticky side of the tape. Ensure the vinyl’s graphic side is turned against the surface of the wall. Later on, you may want to use the spatula again to rub the design gently to remove any bumps, air bubbles, and imperfections.

Do check out other wall decorations such as posters, paintings, and prints.