Flowers and plants are great to spruce up your home. But what if you don’t have the time or the patience to take care of them? Artificial flowers are just as great as real ones and you can click here to find out how to decorate your home with artificial flowers.

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Why You Should Decorate Homes with Artificial Flowers in Malaysia

Living with a home without plants and flowers is not completely living. Without them, your room or office can be dull and sad, it can alter moods or stunt your productivity. The reasons below can answer why you should use faux flowers as a part of your home décor.


Artificial flowers never wilt, don’t require daily watering or grooming, and will never attract bugs and insects. Silk flower bouquets last longer than five to seven days, which is the usual time when flowers peak, as there are no expiration dates and they come fully bloomed. The only grooming you have to do is to dust and wipe the petals to maintain the fresh look.


Those who are allergic to pollen should replace their real flowers with artificial ones. Faux silk flowers are odor free and unlikely to cause any allergic reactions. For those who can’t stand the aromatic smell of fresh flowers should also opt for artificial flower arrangements.


You might think that harvesting flowers won’t have any drastic consequences on the environment but you got to think again. Because they have a longer shelf life, they are shipped typically by sea rather than by air. This indirectly reduces the production of carbon dioxide emissions. Pesticides and fertilizers used while growing fresh flowers can also leave a carbon footprint and can contaminate soil and cause health problems.

Cost effective

Let’s face it, fresh flowers can often be expensive, especially when bought by the bouquet. Silk flowers cost half the price of a freshly-cut bouquet, but the cheaper it is, the least realistic and durable they would be. Because they’re so affordable, you can change the flower arrangements anytime you wish.

Easy to re-arrange

As said before, due to their lower prices, you can change artificial flowers depending on your mood or the decorating style you’re going for. You can have more freedom in choosing faux flowers and decorate every single room in your house. For example, your bedroom can be decorated with fake peonies while your dining room is spruced up with artificial silk orchids.

Perfect for all climates

Just like trees, different types of flowers bloom in different seasons. Instead of having to wait for your favorite flowers to be harvested, getting an artificial flower arrangement can be a great alternative. Sometimes, if the flowers are out of season, they’d need to be shipped, therefore increasing the price and become less eco-friendly.

The most popular artificial flowers are hydrangeas, roses, cineraria, jasmines, and lilies. Here on iPrice you can buy any of the aforementioned artificial flowers online with great discounts and coupons. Take your home decoration to the next level by browsing through artificial plants, trees, candles, statues, and other home décor pieces.