Give your home and interior some life with these home decorations. Add to the beauty and finesse of your home with these types of decorations. Read more here.

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3 Decorations that you should have in your Home

You know what’s awesome? A home full of decorations! Decorations bring life and character to any home. The type of decorations a person puts in the home tells a lot about him or her. This is why we choose carefully which decorations to display in our homes. In Malaysia, we have a few types of home décor particularly popular in today’s homes. These include statues, paintings, candles, artificial plants and trees, and figurines. Let’s look at some of the more famous home decorations to be displayed in homes.

Artificial plants and flowers

Plants are an amazing decoration in the home. Their green colouration makes the area soothing to the eyes while creating a sense of life. That said, artificial flowers are better. Because they are artificial flowers, you won’t have to water them, prune them, or take care of them. Artificial flowers are some of the most low maintenance decorations you could put in your home. Pop a few of these strategically around your room and home area and you will find your environment liven up in no time!


Add some lights along with scents and romantic atmosphere with all types of candles. The most common candles these days are tealights and scented candles. Tealights are perfect for outdoor and indoor lighting. The yellowish-orange light that it disseminates gives the environment a romantic feel along with a sense of calm and wonder. Tealights also are perfect for burning aromatherapy oils. Place a lit tealight underneath a bowl full of scented oils and within a few minutes, the beautiful scent travels across your room. This phenomenon is what creates the effect of aromatherapy.

Scented candles also are amazing to be lit during special occasions. Having guests in the home? Light some of these bad boys and you’ve got a beautiful aroma floating in the air giving a sense of calm and relaxation.

Figurines and statues

Being rooted deep in religion and the Catholic faith, we in Malaysia are no strangers to statues and figurines in our homes. The most common statues we find are figures of Jesus Christ. Most of these statues have some hand gestures of blessings and benediction onto the observer. These figurines are perfect for those who wish to bring blessings to their home. Place the figures anywhere in the living room or even in the bedroom and get a sense of calm and spirituality when you glance at it.

Other types of statues that can be found online are the statue of Buddha and other holy deities from other religions. Statues and figurines do not only apply to the spiritual but also to the material. You can find all your favourite toy figurines such as DC Comics’ Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash all online to add to your collection.

Now that you know more about these few home decorations, it’s time to shop for them. By shopping online, you can find the best deals on all your home decorations.