Almost every Malaysian household have a mirror at home. Do you know that mirrors can play a bigger role than just showing you how you look? Mirrors can also be used as items to decorate your homes. Read more on how to furnish your homes with mirrors in Malaysia below.

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How to Use Mirrors for Interior Design

Many people underestimate the usage of mirrors in their homes, merely using them in bedrooms and washrooms so that it is easier to groom themselves daily. However, mirrors can play a much bigger role than that, being a decorative item for your homes. Placed strategically, mirrors can make spaces to appear bigger and grander than they are. Here are some ways to use mirrors for interior design purposes:

Using Mirrors in Malaysia as Decorative Windows

Similar to windows, mirrors add light and depth to the room’s interior, with one added advantage – they can be moved and placed wherever you like. Mirrors are portable decorative windows that you can shift around to direct light to different spots of the room, enabling you to place emphasis on certain objects such as artworks or centerpieces. Mirrors are capable of accentuating hues and views, hence creating a grander effect. A bigger mirror will reflect more light into the room, so if you want a space to be brighter, you can consider installing larger mirrors.

Enlarging Space with Mirrors in the Malaysia

Mirrors offer added luminosity and dimensions to an otherwise small space. Mirrors can be used to make space appear bigger than it actually is. Since you might be unable to expand small rooms physically, mirrors can reflect nice angles and views to make it look larger to the eye. Not only are they able to enlarge the room visually, but it can also act as an additional lighting source to brighten the space.

Creating a Focal Point with Mirrors in Malaysia

If there is a space that is plain and does not have any centerpieces, mirrors can be made into a focal point for you to arrange your furniture around. It does not need to be a big mirror, just a small mirror with bold framing can be made as the center of attention.

Making a Statement with Mirrors in Malaysia

Floor mirrors can make a dramatic statement in a narrow space, such as hallways and rooms. Using a framed, full-size mirror can create a dramatic effect that most decorative elements are unable to. You do not need to stick to traditional rectangular mirrors. Depending on the shape and style of the space, you can reflect that in the form of the mirror’s frame. You can experiment with different mirror placements and positioning to create separate effects.

Mirrors as Art Piece for Your Malaysian Home

If you do not have a piece an art to showcase, mirrors can be substitutes of any artwork to beautify and elevate the visual appeal of a space. Just make sure that the frame of the mirror suits the overall design of the space. Rather than using one big mirror, consider using multiple mirrors to breathe new life into an otherwise plain wall. You can also use mirrors of different sizes to create an eclectic mix of mirrors.