Decorative pillow covers are a great way to add a splash of colour to your home. Get a variety of decorative pillow covers in Malaysia and learn more about how to care for your pillow covers below!


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How to care for Pillow Covers made from Different Fabrics

It is very easy to get your pillow covers dirty in particularly if you have children. This is the reason why many people opt to purchase removable pillow covers so that when it gets dirty, it can be simply chucked into the washing machine. However, it might not be a good idea to wash the pillow covers in the washing machine too often as it might ruin the fabric. Read on to learn how to care for pillow covers of different fabrics.


This material is probably one of the most common fabrics used to make pillow covers. This is because; it is very durable and can be easily dyed in various colours. To ensure that your covers will last you a long time, wash them with cold water using the gentlest cycle in the washing machine. Gentle washing is just wantyou need to remove any minor stains or dirt. It is also advisable to wash the whole set at the same time as to prevent any uneven shades. With the accumulation of grime, dirty covers will, of course, be darker compared to the clean ones. Cotton pillow covers will generally get softer after each wash. As for the darker fabrics, it may fade slightly if you wash them too often.

After you have completed washing them, it is time for drying part! It is recommended to let the covers to drip dry in the shade for at least a few hours. To quicken the drying process, you may place it in front of a fan and leave the area open to give more air flow.


Polyester is a kind of synthetic cloth material that has great durability, insulation, and wrinkle resistance. The method of washing for this type of fabric is similar to cotton where it can be thrown into the washing machine with cold water, using the gentlest cycle. Ensure the covers are turned inside out before placing them into the washing machine so that the outer surface will look as good as new!

You should take precaution when you iron synthetic fabrics as they are prone to melt under high temperature; though it should be fine if is set to a lower temperature. Another quick way to dry them is in the shade, as polyester usually does not absorb that much water.


This fabric is typically blended with other components such as cotton to make it more long-lasting and affordable. The reason is that pure linens are very thin and have a heftier price tag which is not so ideal to be utilized as a pillow cover. Washing linen blends is not as easy as cotton fabrics as they tend to be more delicate. The best way to wash it is in the machine with cold water on the regular cycle.

When it comes to ironing your linen blends, it should not really be a priority unless they become really wrinkled. Like all the other fabrics, it can be drip-dried in the shade.

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