Pillows are the perfect way to give your home a new look. Choose an endless variety of decorative pillows in Malaysia and read about the guide of choosing them here.

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A guide to choosing decorative pillows

It is common for people to want a change from time to time in particularly when it comes to home interior. However, it can be pretty costly to revamp your entire house, so the easiest and most affordable way to put a splash of colour into your home is decorative pillows. Here is a guide on choosing decorative pillows.


Although pillows are often used on beds, it is commonly placed on sofas or chairs as well. Therefore, if you choose to decorate them with pillows, make sure that you first determine the size. An average sized pillow (45*45cm) will work for a smaller couch as it will simply look out of place on a bigger couch. On the other hand, oversized decorative pillows can be placed on really large furniture with plenty of seating room. It is also advisable to place pillows of various sizes on a roomy couch so that it does not look too empty.


Decorative pillows are typically filled with feather, foam, or a synthetic mix. The reason being; the shape of the pillow can be easily maintained and are cheaper compared to goose downs, which has a softer feel and is better in quality. If you spend most of your time at home lounging on a chair or sofa, it would be better to invest in something that is better in quality. However, if the former is the case, a decent looking pillow is more than enough.

When you purchase your pillows online, always check for the materials used for the inserts. This is because; it would be unfortunate if the stuffing’s were to break down after several weeks of frequent usage.

Number of pillows

Always consider having 2 identical pairs of pillows, preferably one solid and one patterned pillow on each side of the couch or sofa. Nevertheless, the most important consideration is how many will be suitable for the size of the sofa. You’ve probably got an excess if you have to move them to be able to sit comfortably. If you have abundant space on the sofa, five decorative pillows will work fine, but most couches look best with only three.


The most common decorative pillow shapes are squares, rectangles, rounds, and bolsters. When you decide on a pillow shape, it would be better to take into account of how it will be used. For example, square pillows will provide the best full-back comfort, while bolsters will provide support for the neck. You may consider the aesthetics of your furniture, such as the sharp lines of a sofa can be softened up with round pillows. Alternatively, larger square-shaped pillows will give balance to a puffy couch. Mixing up the various shapes will give your couch or sofa a unique look to it and can be a great solution if the room has a lack of decorations.

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