An essential in interior design, curtains bring atmosphere to your living space as well as offer shade. Check out the best curtains from the biggest home and living brands in Malaysia or read more about curtains below.


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Factors that you Should Consider When Buying Curtains

Have bare windows that need some homely touch? Curtains are a great option to add warmth and luxe to your home. Well, you may be perplexed at the endless possibilities when it comes to dealing with your window dressings. Worry not, just follow this few handy tips when picking out your desired curtains for your home.

Curtain Fabrics

First things first, set aside your ambitious style considerations for a moment; function comes first and this will limit your curtain choices, in a good way. Learn about curtain fabrics, so you will know which kind will suit your needs.


think of the mood you want for your room. For a formal space, use heavy silk or velvet (dry clean only), get silky rayon blends and cotton sateen which are more practical and easier to wash. For a casual feel, get billowy linen (dry-clean only) and crinkly crushed velvet. On the other hand, cotton and cotton blends will suit any type of decor and exude a crisp and neat feel, wool or wool blends too are great choices for any season. If you need complete privacy or total darkness, you need lined curtains. If you are alright with light filtering through or if your curtains are simply decorative, unlined curtains will do. Lining curtains do costs more but it can shield fabric from sun damage, making them more durable and last longer. A lining also adds heft, which protects against drafts and helps fabric fall more luxuriously. If you have extra budget, consider getting curtains with an interlining for maximum durability, light blockage, body, and insulation.

Prints and Patterns

Practice this rule of thumb: pick curtains that is in contrast of your room’s overall prints and patterns. If you have patterned furniture or bedding (or a very elaborate rug), get solid curtains to ground your room. If you have solid-coloured furniture or bedding, consider patterned curtains to add texture. If you prefer a more subtle hit of style and energy, get small, neutral print, like dots or paisley, which reads like texture from afar, a less loud touch of character.


To blend, pick curtains that are the same tone as the wall but a few shades darker, or choose a non-dominant subtle colour in the room. To make your curtains the feature of the room, get bold colours to add some wow. Do keep in mind that if your windows tend to have the sun shining through, unlined curtains will allow certaincolour to infuse the room. Pink can be cheery, orange can be warm but blue can be eerie and green can make your room look like a green room.

Why Does Length Matter

Length is key when getting curtains, hang them as high as you possibly can, as it will give the illusion your windows are larger and your ceilings higher. But that might not be practical for some spaces, so do pick a length that will compliment your window and room. Most designers prefer curtains to just touch the floor, with a small, perhaps half-inch, break. Accentuate the rooms in your home with curtains. For the best performance, your curtain track or pole should be positioned approximately 15cm higher than the window and be wider than your window by 15-20cm either side. Adding an extra 2.5cm to the width measurement of the curtain will allow them to overlap in the middle when closed. Look at other home improvement products for more ideas for your home.