There is nothing more cherished than purchasing clothing with cute colours and adorable prints for your baby. Other than the designs, there are other things to consider when it comes to buying clothing for your baby, such as safety, comfort, and practicality. Check out Holabebe online store in Malaysia and dress your little one to look lovable. Read more about the products below.


Everything you need to know about dressing your newborn with Holabebe

It’s always great fun to choose the clothing for your baby. However, dressing your newborn for the first few times might be an intimidating process as you want to be able to handle him/her as gently as possible. There are a few essential clothing that are needed such as “homecoming” outfits, one-piece outfits, stretchable pull-on pants, snap-crotch T-shirts, socks or booties, etc. Below are some tips that you might find handy when you dress your newborn.

Whilst dressing your baby you need to:

Support your baby at all times

The best way to support your baby is to place him/her on your lap. To prevent any mishaps, it is not recommended for you to carry your baby. It is either you place your baby on your lap or a flat cushioned surface.

Ease the dressing process by stretching the garment

By stretching the neckline of the garment, you can easily dress your baby by pulling it over his/her head. Utilise your finger to keep it from catching on your baby’s face or ears. You should not force the garment by trying to push your baby’s arm through the sleeve. The easiest way to do it is to put your hand through the sleeve of the garment from the outside, gently hold your baby’s hand and pull it through.

Whilst undressing your baby you need to:

Always support your baby

Similar to dressing your baby, you need to support the back and head. After that, slowly remove the sleeves one at a time whilst still supporting your baby. Then stretch the neckline and gently lifting it free off your baby’s chin and face as you gently slip it off.

Other factors to consider when dressing your newborn


In colder weather (below 23-degrees Celcius), it is best to add several layers of clothing to your baby warm. You can dress your baby like how you usually dress him/her, such as with an undershirt and diapers. For extra coverage, you may want to cover your baby in pyjamas or a comfy robe. This is not a necessary step unless if the weather is extra cold, you can add an extra layer by dressing your baby in a footie pajama or wearable blanket.

During the warmer days (above 23-degree Celcius), it is best to just stick to a single layer. To make sure your baby is comfortable in the same environment as you, you may add one more layer of clothing of what you are wearing.


As premature babies tend to be weaker, it is best to consider adding another layer of clothing until the baby reaches the weight of a full-term baby (roughly 7.5 pounds). So that the baby’s body is better able to adjust to the changes in temperature.

First-time parents

It might get a little overwhelming as well as frustrating dressing your little one the first couple of times. This is because; not only is it a struggle to get that little arm through the sleeve, but your baby might start shrieking in protest to the whole process. However, do remember that practice makes perfect! Babies are vulnerable and neither do they like the feeling of air brushing against their skin nor do they like being pushed and pulled through the clothing. To make things a whole lot easier, it is advisable to first lay your baby on your lap while you dress the upper half of the body. Dressing up the lower half of the body can be done by laying your baby on a bed or changing table.

Difficult garments

A one-piece pyjama might be a difficult garment to put on your baby, but if there’s a will there’s a way! Instead of dressing your baby from top to bottom, it is best to do it in reverse. Firstly, pull the onesie over your baby’s legs before putting on the sleeves. If you prefer not to dress your baby in hard-to-put-on garments, look out for features such as loose-fitting sleeves or stretch fabric to ease the process of dressing your baby.

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