If you’ve ever purchased an expensive phone, you would know the importance in investing in a tempered glass in case of accidental drops or scratches. Get the best screen protectors from Hoda in Malaysia and read more below to learn about it.


Protect Your Devices with Screen Protectors from Hoda in Malaysia

Established in 2009, Hoda which was previously known as Glamour+ is one of the brands for 3C accessories under DIJUN Technology Co., Ltd. When it first entered the Taiwanese market, it gained a lot of attention after being placed on shelves in major retail and franchise popular telecommunication service providers which are Taiwan Mobile and Far Eastone. Due to its affordable pricing and high-quality phone and tablet accessories, it was well-favoured by the consumers in Taiwan.

What is tempered glass?

The major difference between a standard glass and tempered glass is the way they are made. Tempered glass is created through heating and then quickly cooling the material. Due to this, it also has a different structure. Another aspect of the tempered glass is that how it breaks differently from standard glass. Typically, normal glass would break into big irregular pieces, but tempered glass breaks into small uniform pieces. It is also a much safer option as it eliminates the danger of sharp edges. The biggest giveaway of a tempered glass protector is that it’s hard and holds its shape. Thus, the stiffness makes it easier to apply as well as remove on the device’s screen.

Why is tempered glass important for your devices?

The main reason people purchase tempered glass for their devices is so that the glass is able to absorb the blow during accidental slips. In this way, the tempered glass ends up being harmed instead of the screen on the mobile while keeping it intact.

What are the advantages?

There are many advantages when it comes to using tempered glass. Compared to the standard glass, the tempered glass does not get easily scratched or damaged as it is five time thicker than the normal screen protectors. Additionally, the glass tends to be smoother and clearer and thus, closer to the look and feel of the phone’s original screen. Having smudges on your device’s screen is not only annoying but having to constantly clean your phone screen won’t make a pleasant experience for the phone user. The tempered glass gets rid of fingerprint grease easily as well as cleans easily. On top of that, it will hardly augment the glare on your phone screen if installed properly.

Should you invest in a tempered glass?

Nevertheless, tempered glass comes with a higher price tag. The newer smartphones these days are installed with a tough layer of Gorilla Glass. For some, that’s more than enough safety. Due to the stiffness of the tempered glass, it does not always sit flush with the body of the smartphone either and aesthetically, it could be a problem. If you’ve experienced dropping your phone and have had your screen damaged, you may remember the unpleasantness and a hefty price tag that comes with it. All in all, it doesn’t hurt to invest in a tempered glass if you want your devices to last longer.