Digital pianos are an excellent alternative to acoustic pianos. Not only are they more affordable, but digital pianos can come in many shapes and sizes, covering the many different budgets and needs of various pianists. Read more here.


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Not an Electric nor Electronic Piano

A digital piano is often confused as an electric or electronic piano. But it is important to note that the three instruments are all different, besides sharing the same type of input through the traditional keyboard keys. The digital piano is a variation of sorts of the electronical piano and is generally treated as an alternative to the traditional acoustic or classical piano.

A digital piano does not have any acoustical or mechanical internals in terms of a hammer and strings as found on a classical piano and an electric piano. It is closer to that of an electronic piano in the sense that it uses electronics to generate sound, but an electronic piano uses analog synthesis instead of the digital's sample-based one.

Advantages of a Digital Piano

It is agreed upon everywhere that there is truly nothing that can beat the sound and feeling of an acoustic piano – the natural sounds and feel from it is unbeatable. But there are times where we have to look for other alternatives and options too. The digital piano, for example, holds several advantages of over the acoustic piano.

  • Acoustic pianos can get very expensive, especially ones from very good makes – and maintaining them can get pretty costly too. A digital piano on the other hand is much more affordable and also almost maintenance free. This is because digital pianos produce sounds that are produced by digital samples, and the quality of the samples is what dictates the cost of a digital piano.
  • A digital piano requires no tuning whatsoever throughout the lifetime of its use. You will not have to hire a tuner or to trouble yourself with it, especially if you often move the instrument around.
  • Because it requires only electrical components which can be placed in a compact form factor, a digital keyboard is usually very portable and compact. Although there are larger digital pianos that take the shape of an upright or grand piano, those are usually just for aesthetics and are not required for most use.
  • Have it your way. Because of its digital nature, you can choose from a large variety of digital pianos that come with many different features, aesthetics, and feel. It also comes in many different budgets, allowing you to choose one that suits your needs the best. Want lighter or heavier feeling keys? Digital piano models now all of that option.
  • Extra features that help to enhance your musicality. A lot of digital pianos today come with features such as built-in rhythms, sequencers, effects, and can even change the sound of the keys to another different instrument entirely – the features can be endless!
  • You can plug in your headphones to practice in silence, so you will not disturb anyone, be it in a crowded room or at night. You can play music unhindered by others.

A digital piano is an ideal musical instrument for those who lack space or are constantly moving their instruments around to gigs and the like. It is also much more affordable for a newbie to start learning music.