The Ukulele is a musical instrument that has a shape similar to a guitar – just smaller. For those of you who like to play the guitar, you would love playing the ukulele. Check some tips on buying ukulele in Malaysia here.


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Choosing Your Ukulele For A Relaxing Hobby

The Ukulele is an original Hawaiian musical instrument discovered around 1878. It began when some Portuguese (Madeira/Azorez and Portugal) immigrants, numbering about 20,000 people travelled through South Africa to Hawaii. One of them brought a small guitar called Braginho and eventually became a popular musical instrument in Hawaii with a smaller size of 4 pieces of fruit, which was then referred to as Ukulele.

Choose a Ukulele Size

Ukuleles come in many sizes and models, ranging from the smallest called a Soprano, to the greatest – Baritone. The smallest model that Soprano is a size of 33cm, perfect for tuning the G'C'E'A notes. This ukulele model is more suitable if used for beginners because of its small, sleek size that can be brought along anywhere.

The second model is named Concert with size 38 cm is more apt for tuning G'C'E'A. In the world of ukuleles, this variant is mostly used by musicians who perform on stage, because the shape is fitting, not too big and not too small. This type of Ukulele is the best recommendation for you.

The third is the Tenor ukulele that has a length of 43 cm with tuning G'C'E'A or D 'G B E'. The last model is Baritone which is the largest ukulele model with a length of 48 cm and tuning D G B E '.

Ultimately, we can only suggest the types of ukulele out there. You will have to try them for yourself to truly understand what works for you.

Note the Type of Wood and Ukulele Materials

The ukulele material is also very important for us to consider. The most commonly used ukulele material is wood. The type of wood used also varies, ranging from mahogany wood, mango wood, rosewood, cedar, acacia, and others.

Koa is the most widely used wood species to produce ukuleles in Hawaii. This type of wood is specifically chosen because it has a very warm and beautiful sound character. But ukuleles made of koa wood usually have a large price tag to go with them.

Mahogany is the second alternative if you cannot afford to buy ukulele from koa wood. The sound character of the mahogany ukulele produces a soft voice and of course comes at a fairly cheap price. In Malaysia, mahogany wood is still common. Hence, the price of the mahogany ukulele is cheap.

Note the Ukulele Brand You Intend to Buy

The brand determines the price, quality, and durability of the ukulele. Choosing the ukulele brand is important because the more credible the brand, the higher the quality of body and sound of the ukulele. Also make sure the ukulele you buy is not a KW or replica product.

You can also buy ukuleles easily online. There are various brands of ukulele that are well known for their quality in producing musical instruments such as Yamaha and Enya.