Music plays an important role in our lives as it provides not only entertainment but also expresses our emotions. Many use music as an alternative to express themselves and their feelings without having to resort to verbal communication. Music also induces feelings in us, most especially for TV shows and films where they plan an integral role.

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The World of Music

Where would the world be without music? It would still be around, but it would be rather empty and dull. Music is more than just a bunch of sounds put together for us to listen to; music is an art form that expresses many things in our lives in a beautiful manner. Music expresses emotions and paints pictures that our eyes can never see. Not only does music express emotions however, it can also induce it – painting a feeling that we can relate with, as seen in movies. Fight scenes are often accompanied by loud exciting music, whereas horror scenes after often accompanied by high pitched whines that cause anxiety.

Music Genres and Types

There are many different types of music and genres, each one with its own unique signature tones and features that differentiate it from others. Everyone has a different preference for different types of music, but thankfully there are many genres and subgenres today that offers everyone more choices on their choice of music.

Pop music

Pop music is the most common form of music today and is heard almost everywhere you go. Grocery stores play it, malls play it, and most radio stations practically live by playing pop music everywhere. Pop music basically represents most modern and contemporary music today and has a very obvious and prominent rhythmic beat to the song. Famous pop singers today include Charlie Puth, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, and Adele.

R&B music

R&B music stands for rhythm and blues. It is a genre of music that was mainly sung and played by African-Americans in the past. It has a very steady and insistent beat throughout all of the songs, making you give in to its toe-tapping rhythm and get into the groove – as they put it. The R&B genre has its roots in the blues and jazz genres, which was then very synonymous with the African-American society in the past. Similarly to blues, R&B lyrics usually tell of a sad tale, a style which originated from the African-American's painful experience of the past. Famous R&B singers today are Mary J. Blige, Usher, and Rihana – among others.

Folk music

Folk music is also known as traditional music. Folk music is commonly older traditional music that stems from older societies and communities. Melodies in folk music are simpler and less complex but carry very strong impressions. Folk music is not commonly listened to as much today as it were in the past of our elders, but nonetheless hold a strong impression on many people. There are no notable singers of folk music today, but almost every artist at home point has had a time where they sang a folk song to show their respects.

Classical music

Classical music is those written in the 1700s to the late 1800s. These are usually played with an abundance of string instruments either as a quartet or in a full orchestra. Most classical music is fully instrumental in a full orchestra that comprises of many different families of instruments such as the strings, the brass, the woodwind, and the percussion. All of the instruments work together to form many different forms of classical music. Notable classical musicians and composers are Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, and Bach.