Romance movies are awesome! You get to ball your eyes out while watching characters express their love for each other. Here are romance 3 movies you must watch.


3 romance movies you must watch

Aww” the ultimate sound that comes out of every mouth when watching romance movies. Romance movies are filled with moments where love is portrayed among the leading characters. Love, being the strongest sentiment we feel, is what romance movies are all about. Whether the story is a happy ending or one that will leave you in tears, romance movies have the power to leave you searching for the one. In Malaysia, romance movies do well in theatres. All ages flock to the cinema to catch screenings of tear-jerking romance novels made into Hollywood blockbuster films. Here are some you have to watch.

Dear John

A movie about an outcast named John who falls in love with an idealistic college girl named Savannah. After a short spring break, the two fall in love but have to leave to pursue their careers. John is deployed back to the army and Savannah carries on with her study. In a turn of events, the two end up on different life paths. Only time will tell if the two find themselves back together. Played by Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried, Dear John is the ultimate tale of love based on the book by award-winning author Nicholas Sparks.

The Notebook

If you haven’t heard of The Notebook, you have to grab it and watch it ASAP! Another brilliant romance adaptation of Nicholas Spark’s novel, The Notebook follows a tale of a young man named Noah (played by Ryan Gosling) and a young woman named Allie (Rachel McAdams) who fall in love. Battling all odds to stay together, the two experience life’s great blessings but eventually part ways. As the story is told in flashback, we find a shocking truth about the story that brings us to tears. The Notebook is definitely a must watch!

50 First Dates

Add some comedy into your romance. This Adam Sandler comedy may seem like your average chick-flick from the outside, but the movie hides some deep tones about love. It tells the adapted story of a man who falls in love with a woman and later finds out she has a severe memory loss. Due to this, Adam Sandler’s character, Henry Roth has to win over Lucy’s (Drew Barrymore) character every day as she forgets who he is. The story reminds us that one would do anything for true love – even winning over the one who forgets who you are.

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