When it comes to sparking an interest in a certain topic or message, it is impressive that a well-written educational movie has the ability to captivate your mind while changing your life forever. Read more about educational movies in Malaysia below to find out.


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How Educational Movies Help You to Learn

More often than not, movies have been said to be one of the most effective mediums that help people to learn. As a matter of fact, most people find that movies allow discovering a lot of great things in many ways that you do not expect. Aside from serving your entertainment needs, movies also play the main role of educating people about certain important lessons or warning messages. Moreover, the education movies can spark an interest as well as inspiration in the topics that are being portrayed in them.

Due to the vastness of the movie market, there are tons of educational movies that you can watch. Since there are just too many of them, it is normal that you do not know where to start. Thankfully, these are the movies that you should look for when you are searching for one. Therefore, this is a simple guide that helps you to discover some of the best educational movies.

Top Educational Movies that Will Inspire You

Needless to say, it is really amazing to see how the educational movies can spark interest and motivation on a particular topic or issue. As mentioned earlier, there are lots of educational movies around but you need to see some of them because they are unique masterpieces in their own right. These top educational movies are:

Dead Poets Society

This 1989 classic movie offers a magnificent tale of a teacher who brings inspiration to the lives of his students. What this movie has done successfully is that its ability to incorporate the power and appeal of poetry into even the most mundane moments. In other words, it is utterly inspiring that a teacher (played by Robin Williams himself) can lift his students up through his teaching of poetry.

With numerous powerful lines that are delivered with equally strong charisma, everything in this movie looks perfect as you absorb these inspiring quotes which motivate you for better. Combining both art and substance at the same time, you feel that it is a good movie that you can always watch again and again without losing any interest.

Memorable Movie Quote: "Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary."

School of Rock

This heart-warming movie about a wannabe rockstar (played by Jack Black) who fakes his way as a substitute teacher in a private school. When he finds out about his students' talents, he actually plans to help them to embrace their unique talents. As it turns out, he eventually forms a band with them to audition for the Battle of the Bands.

Despite its screwball comedy, this movie manages to surprise you with its strong message of recognizing art education. Moreover, it is truly fun and fascinating to enjoy this movie while getting inspired at the same time. As it strongly reinforces the power of teachers in educating and inspiring others, it is not surprising that a lot of people that keeps on watching it.

Memorable Movie Quote: "I'm a teacher. All I need are minds for molding."

Remember the Titans

In 1971, two single-race Virginian high schools are forced to integrate, the football coach, Herman Boone (played by Denzel Washington), must learn to transform the divided black and white players into a unified force. Facing prejudice and resistance at every turn, his team struggles to find a common ground. However, the team is both powerful and inspiring at the same time once it is finally united for a better cause.

Exploring various topics such as racism, athletics and discrimination, Remember the Titans is a solid movie with powerfully touching narration that can change your life forever. Moreover, it is one of the most popular movies that still being used as a motivational movie in countless training and motivation camps around the world.

Memorable Movie Quote: "Attitude reflect leadership, captain."