Dramas have always been an integral part of the lives of Malaysians for decades. Be it local or international productions, dramas are still popular amongst Malaysians and they receive high viewership rates nowadays. Read more below to find out why Dramas movies in Malaysia are well-liked even today.


Why Drama Movies are Immensely Popular

TV dramas continue to be well-received amongst Malaysian audiences today. Be it local productions or movie dramas from Hollywood, Korea, Hong Kong, or Taiwan, watching dramas are a favourite pastime amongst locals of all ages. The big question is: why are dramas doing so well among local viewers. There are many reasons behind their immense popularity, which we will discuss further below.

Appealing Storyline

One of the main contributing factors to a drama’s success is the plot of the drama. There is a saying that goes, “Art imitates life” and dramas are great representations of the quote. Some dramas have relatable storylines are well-received because they mirror our everyday life – featuring struggles and experiences that we face every day. Watching these dramas will make us feel like we have a connection to them, which increases our curiosity.

Besides plots that audiences can relate to, there are also dramas that bring refreshing, never-before-seen storylines to audiences. For example, Korean drama “W” had high viewership from Koreans and non-Koreans because of its unique storyline. “W” revolves around a romance that blossoms between a female surgeon in the real world with the male lead of a webtoon “W”.

Eye Candy

Humans are naturally attracted to things that are pleasing to the eyes. One cannot deny that most of the actors and actresses featured in dramas are attractive – be it for their looks, the outfits they adorn, or for their charismatic acting. Movie dramas might also influence and inspire viewers to change the way they style themselves. Many Malaysians will try out new hairstyles, makeup techniques, and styling methods based on the characters in the dramas they have watched.

Chemistry Between the Cast

Another factor that leads to dramas being loved by audiences around the world is due to the chemistry that exists between the cast. The chemistry between the actors and actresses are important to ensure that character and plot development is delivered flawlessly. Even with a star-studded cast of A-listers, the drama would be a flop if the chemistry is not strong. This is a reason why you might occasionally notice a few dramas having familiar faces, as they might have worked well together on previous productions.

Cultural Appeal

Foreign movie dramas, especially those deriving from South Korea and Hong Kong, have a steady following in Malaysia. Dramas that are filmed overseas expose Malaysians to information about a different culture without needing to physically travel to the country. Malaysian viewers are able to learn about unique elements of a different country such as its history, lifestyle, food, societal norms, and traditions. For example, watching South Korean dramas will let you know that Koreans take off their shoes before entering someone’s home.

Learn New Languages

Watching movie dramas also enable viewers to learn new languages or even strengthen the language proficiency of one that they already know. Most Malaysians can generally speak fluently in one or two languages and dialects; a smattering of others. Hence, dramas are a good way of improving their language skills. As an example, watching American and British dramas enable many Malaysians to improve their command of English.

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