With elements of danger and drama, these dynamic duo are the essential characters that make crime movies awesome and unforgettable. As always, there are more than meet the eyes when you are watching one of them. Read more about crime movies in Malaysia here below to find out.


It is Almost Criminal to Miss these Top Crime Movies

Filled with drama, menace,and mystery, crime movies are one of the most popular movie genres. Since there are too many ofthem, it is normal that you do not know where to begin. Hereare some of top crime movies you must watch.

No CountryForOld Men

Based on Cormac McCarthy's novel of the same name, No CountryForOld Men is an amazing American neo-western neo-noir thriller film that followsa Texas welder and Vietnam veteran in the desert landscape of 1980. This cat-and-mouse drama stars Tommy Lee Jones, JavierBardem, and Josh Brolin. Its unusual storyline explores the theme of fate, conscience, and circumstance.

In 80thAcademy Awards,itwon four awards: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (JavierBardem), and Best Adapted Screenplay. It is a legendary movie that continues to be listed in top must-watch movies of all time.Directedby the Coen brothers, it has been regarded as their masterpiece in the list of movies they directed. Critics praised the combination of their technical abilities and the authenticlandscape-based Western classicism in the movie.


Being named as one of the best films of its decade, 25thHour tells the story of a man's last 24 hours of freedom as he prepares to go to prison for seven years for dealing drugs. In the aftermath of 9/11, Monty (Edward Norton) is living a tale of regret and loss as he tries to reconcile the past and move forward as best he can into a difficult future of uncertainties. It is crime narrative world where the characters are not even sure if an open wound will ever heal. At the same time, it tries not to conceptualize or supply insight.

Another appealing aspect about this movie is that it can get viewersacquaintedwith Monty andotherpeople that theyfeel likeknowing thempersonallyfor years. Loss and melancholy are the overarchingthemeof this movie. A powerful storythat makes you wonder about thepowerful effect of your own decision,25thHour stands proudly as a deeply movingand brutally honest film that can leave you emotionally drained.

The Departed

WhileTheDeparted owes its influence to Hong Kong film, Internal Affairs, it takes a legendary director such as Martin Scorsese himself to weave this police-mafia story back and forth into the city of Boston. This double-mole drama emerges as one of the timeless films that can always be watchedagainand again. Three words from the movie taglinesumthis crime movie perfectly: Undercover, Underhanded, and Unrestrained. They are the perfect description of how this movie can blow your mind away.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, it has been called as "a thoroughly engrossing gangster drama with the gritty authenticity and soupy morality we come to expect from Martin Scorsese". It has enough tension and drama to keep you engrossed.Asyou watch this movie, you will be delighted to find tons of standout moments that are at their own leagues. In fact, you will never forget about them after finished watching it.