Animated shows are made for kids but not all of them can be appropriate. There are certain shows that are catered for the specific younger audience. To know how to determine the right show or movie that’s appropriate for your kids, click here!

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How to Choose the Best Animated Show for Your Kid

Parents in Malaysia know that teaching their child the right values to uphold starts with the smallest things and practices at home. The movies that you make them watch will basically influence their behavior, that's why it's important parents choose the right movies and shows that they let their kids watch.

Nowadays, there are many animated shows and TV series that parents could easily choose from for their kids of all ages. However, finding the right one that will capture their attention and at the same time teach them a life lesson isn't really as easy as letting them cartoons that are just wacky and fun but doesn't make any sense.

For toddlers

Look short movies or shows with short episodes

A child's attention span is basically short, that's making them sit through a full-length movie isn't really efficient all the time. Unless you're making them watch colorful cartoons, it's okay. For most educational animated shows, however, it's best to keep it as short as possible - short shows with many numbers of episodes. Also, shows that teach them how to simply vocabulary and expressions are the best shows for this age group.

Recommended shows: Barney, Peppa the Pig, Sesame Street, and the likes.

For Preschoolers

Full-length movies in Malaysia are now efficient for this age group. They can basically sit through an entire Disney movie without losing their focus in the middle. However, this is the part where choosing the right shows could become more challenging as they tend to pick up words and mimic expression easily. Because of that, while you have tons of options, picking can be quite a daunting task because they might pick up bad habits unintentionally. Shows that portray antagonists in a fun light may be interpreted as good by pre-schoolers, so it’s important that you provide them guidance when showing them these.

Recommended shows: Disney movies such as Frozen, Brave.

Grade school

Kids of this age already have the autonomy to watch whatever show that pleases their eyes - that can be a good and a bad thing. Constant guidance from parents is necessary at this stage because just like pre-schoolers, they can easily pick up words and expressions from what they watch and listen to. This time, instead of just mimicking expressions that they watch and see on shows and movies, they now have the capability to apply it to their actions. Animated flicks from Disney and Pixel are highly relevant in for this age, but they can now also watch and comprehend more complex animated shows like Animes. Then again, parental guidance should be reinforced even more at this age.

Recommended shows: Disney and Pixar animated flicks, superhero movies, anime.

While most animated movies in Malaysia are created by their respective producers with the kids at the forefront, it does not necessarily imply that they don’t need parental supervision.