There is a vast selection of options for action films in Malaysia. Watching these movies can be one of the most exciting ways to spend your evening. Here are the reasons why.


4 Reasons Why You Should Watch Action Movies in Malaysia

Since the first release of action movies in the 1920’s, they have been one of the favorite genres by movie-goers. As technology advances, action filmmaking also improves. Now, action movies are more intense, realistic, and interesting, drawing both young and old people to buy action DVDs or go to the theater. Here are reasons why people enjoy this kind of film.

Realistic Element

The action film is one of the genres that has some realistic elements to it. Watching this kind of film looks so real – the perfectly choreographed fights, real cars blowing up, and exhilarating visual effects; yet they are not real. Back in the day, action films were lacking in special effects and you could tell that a stunt was executed with the help of props like an actor flying above the ground with the help of strings. Today, watching these movies will make you have a good laugh. Now, action films are better in terms of special effects and stunts. Some stunts performed in action films these days are impossible to execute and the settings are made-up. Nevertheless, they appear real that’s why they’re enjoyable to watch.

Exciting Fights

Normally, action films in Malaysia have fist fights, gun fights, explosions, and the like. These give viewers thrill of watching this kind of film. The thrill action films give is the same as watching a sports match. As the protagonist becomes all beaten up, he/she would find the strength to retaliate, come back in full force, and crush his/her enemy, like winning a losing match. Also, the fighting styles of renowned Asian actors like Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and Jackie Chan add enjoyment and sometimes are emulated by kids and adults.

Special Effects

Today’s special effects provide endless possibilities that aid filmmakers in materializing their ideas. Watching a city crumble or blown up body parts is believable due to these effects. All these are possible with the use of exceptional make-up and green screen technology. A well-done make-up makes a bloodied character appear convincing, which can make a moviegoer cringe or grimace. Also, green screens breathe life to filmmaker’s fantasies. With the help of other cutting-edge filmmaking tools, sci-fi action films like Terminator are successfully made.

Interesting Story

Action films in Malaysia are not just purely action. They also have a plot that people may find interesting and sometimes can relate to. Some action films add romance to spice up the story while others insert horror to increase the excitement. Also, the stories behind today’s action movies are well-thought-out. This is because they keep viewers guessing until the end. All in all, the story makes or breaks the movie, regardless of the genre. If an action film is packed with a lot of intense scenes but the story isn’t riveting at all, then better find another movie.