It is always enjoyable to learn about the current affairs affecting sports today. Informative yet fun to read, sports magazines notify its readers about the latest updates, trends, and happenings in the related sports field. Read more about the sports magazines in Malaysia below.


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Keep Yourself Updated with Sports Magazines Malaysia

Sports magazines help you to keep track of what is happening in the world of sports. Most sports today have at least a magazine that will cover its latest stories to be related to followers of the sport. Although we are now living in the digital age, magazines are still reliable sources of information. Moreover, magazines are now available in digital versions to keep up with the advancement of technology.

You might wonder sometimes whether you should get sports magazines or books related to your favourite sport. Both have their own pros and cons, so before you purchase them you should know about some differences that they have.

The Difference Between Sports Magazines and Sports Books

Although both these reading materials revolve around a similar theme – sports, there are still several key differences that will be discussed further below.

Type of Content

The first thing you have to ask yourself before purchasing a sports magazine or book is the content that you are looking for. Are you interested to know about the latest trends and happenings or are you looking for comprehensive insight concerning a topic? Generally, magazines cover a wide range of topics relevant to a particular sport such as interviews with sports stars, guidelines to improve one’s performance, and new technological developments. Whereas sports books are more topic-centered, primarily focusing its content on a main topic. For example, autobiographies about a certain sports star will usually involve his or her life story and experiences.

Timeline of Content

In terms of the timeliness of the content, sports magazines usually encompass what is happening in the present. Sports magazines typically keep readers up-to-date regarding events occurring here and now. Hence, the content of magazines will change every issue as they need to provide the timeliest content to their audiences. However, content for sports books are universal in the sense that they do not have a specific timeline. Even books that were written from years ago could be relevant in today’s context. As an example, a sports personality’s autobiography will not change over time even if years have passed.

Consistency of Content

Another key difference between sports magazines and books is the consistency of the content. Sports magazines, similar to other magazines, usually consist of content written by a few writers. Every writer has their own writing style and tendencies, which adds more variety to the content in the sports magazine. Although there are editors that will proofread the articles before they are brought to print, they will usually only check the grammar and layout of the article. Hence, if you are who prefers reading articles with various writing styles and viewpoints, then magazines will suit you better. Books, on the other hand, usually have only one author or writer. This means that the writing style will be more uniform throughout the entire book.


Another difference that can be seen is in terms of the price of these two reading materials. Price wise, sports magazines are usually more affordable compared to books. Most magazines that are available in the market today are priced lower than even paperback books.