Fashion magazines enable their readers to keep up with the latest local and international fashion trends. There is a wide selection of fashion magazines that are available to Malaysians to keep themselves in the know of the latest happenings in the fashion world. Read on to find out the fashion magazines that Malaysians should know about below.

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Fashion Magazines that Everyone Should Know About

The magazine industry continues to flourish in Malaysia since we perceive magazines to be a trustworthy source of information. The writers have their own unique writing talent and flare that make every content worth reading. One of the most read and most abundant magazine genres is fashion magazines that update us on the global fashion scene. Featuring a variety of content such as latest trends, styling tips, and newest must-have products, fashion magazines are every fashionista’s ultimate guidebook. There are several fashion magazines that every fashion-forward individual should know about which are mentioned below.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan is one of the most prominent women’s fashion magazines worldwide, including in Malaysia. Cosmopolitan magazine is very popular amongst the community, being one of the fashion magazines with the highest readership and circulation numbers in the country. Featuring articles that discuss the latest upcoming fashion trends, styling tips, relationship advice, and health and beauty guides, Cosmopolitan is the go-to fashion magazine for women.

Metro Magazine

Another magazine that has gained a strong reputation among its audience as one of the leading fashion magazines in the country. Metro is one of the premium lifestyle magazines that contains the latest fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics. That magazine is known for offering a mix of fashion and beauty editorials along with featured articles that reflect on the need, difficulties, and expectations of today’s women. It continues to introduce international fashion and lifestyle trends to women. Metro is also the first local fashion magazine to be available on iPad.

Marie Claire Magazine

A global influential source when it comes to fashion and beauty, Marie Claire magazine is known for its visually-rich content and informative editorials with regards to both these areas. Providing holistic advice about work, life, style, beauty, and health, the magazine includes topics such as the fashion trends, beauty breakthroughs, developments in health and wellness developments that makes Marie Claire a comprehensive and credible magazine amongst women.

Preview Magazine

If you want to know how to spruce up your style, then Preview magazine is the ideal magazine for you. Preview magazine is like your personal fashion designer that helps every Filipina to perfect their personal style. As a transmitter of latest trends locally and around the world, Preview provides local readers with the most up-to-date news and happenings regarding fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and society. Preview is popular among Generation Y Filipinas as it serves as a styling guru for the young ones to experiment their style with. Preview magazine features editorials and articles that provide useful write-ups and styling tips for young Filipinas to achieve their favorite looks.

You can also check out lifestyle and entertainment magazines for creative ideas on how to improve your lifestyle and to keep yourselves updated with the latest entertainment news worldwide.