Reading is one of the oldest, most enjoyed form of learning and entertainment. With today’s technology and with the help of the Internet, reading is about to take a giant leap, providing readers with more options, more content, and better reading materials - one of which are e-books. Take a look at our selection of e-books below or click here to know more about e-books.


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E-Books - a Modern Twist to Reading

Throughout the course of history, reading materials has constantly changed from ancient caves, clay tablets, papyrus leaves, animal skin, to paper and all its modern forms. While the purpose why we read remains the same, the way we read is ever so changing and in modern times, it is about to do just that with the advent of e-books. E-books are basically “electronic books” which are modern, paperless, and more economical reading materials which can be read using your mobile gadgets. There are endless possibilities with e-book! From the amount of content to convenience, and even being environmentally-friendly, e-books are constantly changing the world of reading.

Why switch to e-books?

While most would dispute that reading e-books can never top reading actual books, there are many reasons why avid readers should switch to e-readers or e-books. So, if you are thinking of switching, here are many good reasons why you should:

It’s cost-effective

Let’s be honest, books and magazines are expensive. With an e-book, you can instantly purchase (often with discounts) or download copies of your favorites without spending gas to drive to the bookstore or shouldering shipping costs.

It’s environment-friendly

With paper out of the question, going digital actually helps the environment in ways you would never imagine. Firstly, cutting down trees for paper would significantly go down and carbon trails from it would diminish. Waste from creating books would also be lessened if everyone reads through their e-readers.

It’s convenient and easy to carry

If you love to travel or generally love to carry your books around for some light reading at the bus or while on lunchbreak, then an e-book would definitely be a lifesaver. Books are heavy and they take up space in your bag, but with an e-book or your mobile device, you can carry all the reading materials you want to carry in a pocket-sized gadget.

It provides a wide selection of content

One of the best things about e-books is the endless content that you could read! From your favorite classics to modern literature in all genres available. On top of that, different reading materials such as magazines, brochures, or the daily newspaper are all available online and ready to be downloaded on your e-readers.

Essentials for e-book readers

E-books add a modern twist to any avid readers lifestyle. It is convenient, easy to carry, and the best of all, it gives you endless reading materials available regardless of the genre. If you are into reading and want to break into this amazing lifestyle, then here are some essentials that would prove helpful to your everyday reading routines:

Your preferred mobile gadget

Whether it’s your phone, your tablet, or your kindle, reading e-books is much easier with these gadgets. Most would prefer ones with bigger screens like a tablet, phablet, or a kindlefire, regardless, your gadgets are your mediums for reading your favorite e-books.

Your favorite e-books, magazines, etc.

Aside from the mentioned gadgets above, another thing that you need is the content itself. With e-books, finding one is easy with the help of the Internet. All you need to do is search it on the web, purchase, download, and voila!

Your favorite drink

One of the best ways to enjoy reading, having your favorite drink is simply refreshing whether its a hot cup of tea, your favorite fruit shakes, coffee, or some alcoholic beverages of your liking. Reading helps you calm your mind, keep it relaxed, and remain entertained!